Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Library Volume 2 - Look of Love

Yes, more Lipstick Queen :P From the same sale I bought the Heaven Sent Trio, I also picked up this Lipstick Library Volume 2 - Look of Love. The name sounds totally cheesy, but it's a set of 2 lipsticks, a Saint and a Butterfly Ball, and a lip and cheek cream. Sold.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The packaging is in the form of a hardcover book-box with a really cool artsy picture on the back cover!

The set includes the lipsticks Saint Pinky Nude and Butterfly Ball Smitten, and the Oxymoron Matte Gloss in Honest Politician. I've already reviewed the lipsticks in detail so I'll just describe the colors. The review for the Oxymoron Matte Gloss is further below.

- Saint Pinky Nude: not sure where they get the nude because this color is more like a semi translucent peachy pink on me, with nude nowhere to be seen ^.^ Either way, I love it!

For comparison's sake I swatched Saint Nude and Saint Pinky Nude side by side. Just looking at the lipsticks in the tubes you can see how much browner Nude is than Pinky Nude, and how Pinky Nude isn't nude at all but very pink!

Saint Nude versus Saint Pinky Nude, and the brown in Saint Nude makes the peachiness in Saint Pinky Nude more apparent here.

- Butterfly Ball Smitten: a translucent coral with a blue green iridescent sheen. Very pretty!

The Oxymoron Matte Gloss is a multi-purpose shimmer-free lip and cheek cream, which usually means it'll be better on my cheeks than my lips. Either way, I tried it on both my cheeks and lips, and sure enough, this one is not an exception.

The texture feels identical to Stila Convertible Colors, and it works much much better on the cheeks than the lips. What's interesting is that it swatches with a glossy sheen on the back of my hand, and even after blending this sheen is still there. On my cheeks though, the finish is a lovely translucent cream, very much like the limited edition Stila Collage of Color Lip & Cheek Palette, versus the powdery matte of the full size Convertible Colors. However, on my lips it feels completely different, thin and silicone-y with a touch of moisture, and the finish is completely matte. So yeah, I wear it exclusively on my cheeks. I have lip colors that are way better, like, ahem, these Lipstick Queen lipsticks?

- Honest Politician: Lipstick Queen's website describes this color as a pinky brown. I beg to differ. It looks a tawny pink in the pot, swatches with just a touch of brown possibly because of the yellow tint in my skin, but blends out completely pink, a warm petal pink, to be more precise. It gives me a very flattering pink glow. Love it!

From left to right: Saint Pinky Nude (the pink is even more obvious next to the coral Smitten!), Butterfly Ball Smitten, Oxymoron Honest Politician, with a blended spot right below the swatch. See how pink it is blended?

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