Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lunasol Three-Dimensional Eyes Part II

I told you I was going back for more of these Lunasol Three-Dimensional Eyes palettes, right? Yep, I did, and I got 01 Neutral Beige and 04 Cool Beige this time ^.^

***Screencap from Lunasol-net.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I was really looking forward to these two palettes despite they're both kind of close in terms of color, with one being more brown than the other. I was hoping something along the line of 05 Deep Beige in metallicity and pigmentation. However, once I've played with them a bit I found myself disappointed. Both palettes have odd misses, the 01 Neutral Beige has liner shades that turn too red on me (don't they know what neutral is supposed to mean?), and 04 Cool Beige has a dud of a lid shade :( Doh. So if you want to give these eye shadows a try, I definitely recommend the 05 Deep Beige, and only if you really love warm palettes, then try the 01 Neutral Beige.

- 01 Neutral Beige: As you can see from the product and swatch photos, this palette is not neutral at all. It's actually really warm in my humble opinion, with the liner shades (bottom right) turning reddish even on the back of my hand!

1. Base/highlighters, top left:
- Left: high shimmers, very sheer. An ivory sparkling top wash with finer shimmers, quite demure and subtle where sparkling top washes are concerned. It's the sheerest sparkling top washes among all 4 palettes I own. Even stranger is that it feels harder and somewhat drier, which is odd considering the fine shimmers.
- Center: pearl, very sheer. A pearly ecru shade that's also very sheer in comparison to all the other base and highlighters in this line. Like the sparkling top wash above, it also feels harder and somewhat drier than the rest.
- Right: semi metallic pearl, medium intensity. An ivory, and between the much sheerer previous two shades this one jumps out at me with its pigmentation and buttery smoothness.
2. Lid shade, top right: metallic, high intensity. A pretty metallic golden beige that's lovely on its own.
3. Liners, bottom right: like palette 03 Mysterious Beige, these liners are better for the lower lash line and not dark enough for the upper lash line. On the upper lash line, they're best layered over a darker pencil, especially the sparkly one on the far right. They're also a tad too red for me, especially the one on the far left. 
- Left: satin, medium intensity. A satiny golden caramel brown that's light enough to be worn as a medium crease shade, which means it's nowhere dark enough for lining on the upper lash line. It also turns very red on my lower lash line :(
- Center: shimmer, medium intensity. A milk chocolate with gold shimmers.
- Right: shimmer, medium intensity. A suede brown with lots of white shimmers. 
4. Medium crease shade, bottom left: metallic, high intensity. Gorgeous metallic burnt golden beige.

- 04 Cool Beige: this palette would have been my second favorite after 05 Deep Beige were it not for that gigantic fail in the form of the lid shade (top right) T.T Why, Lunasol, why?

1. Base/highlighters, top left:
- Left: high shimmers, low intensity. A super sparkly golden champagne top wash! Love!
- Center: semi metallic, medium intensity. A semi metallic champagne! 
- Right: semi metallic pearl, medium intensity. Another champagne. 
2. Lid shade, top right: semi metallic, low intensity. An ashy beige with a glistening semi metallic finish. It's also the most disappointing shade in this palette :( It's not fully metallic, and it's also weirdly sheer.
3. Liners, bottom right: these liners aren't as dark and pigmented as those in 05 Deep Beige, but they're darker and more pigmented than those in 03 Mysterious Beige, so even though I noted them as "medium intensity", I'd say they're actually somewhere in between medium and high intensity pigmentation.
- Left: satin, medium intensity. A bronzy brown. 
- Center: shimmer, medium intensity. An olived deep brown with gold shimmers and an obvious olive green sheen.
- Right: shimmer, medium intensity. A bronzy olive brown, pretty much a combination of the two previous shades, only with lots of white shimmers.
4. Medium crease shade, bottom left: metallic, high intensity. A beautiful antique gold. Love!

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