Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hakuhodo Brushes Part III

Being in Japan made me instantly regret all the Hakuhodo brushes I've ever purchased from Hakuhodo USA--they allow few custom choices, whereas in Japan there are numerous handle-length, colors, and finishes, not to mention the limited edition releases. Check out these shorter handles in a gorgeous and shimmery antique gold finish!

By the way, I haven't mentioned this before but I find the Hakuhodo naming system super confusing. Pretty much every other brush belongs to at least two different collections, like the B/J004 for example, same brush head, same hair type! I don't understand. Can anyone shed some light on why this is?

Here are B/J004G, B/K021, B/G524, B532, B/G5549, B/J125, and B214. Clickable = zoomable.

I also regret waiting until the last minute to get these. The Hakuhodo counter at the Ginza Mitsukoshi only stocked certain brushes with this short gold handle. Others would have to be special orders, which would have taken more time than I had. Oh well. I'm grateful to just have these for now and will be wiser the next time I return to Japan.

Again, I've only been able to try these brushes a few times before the little one came along. For now I do like them a lot. Perhaps after more extensive use I'll have stronger opinions.

- B/J004G Goat, 1,728yen/$20: Been wanting a medium eye shadow brush and this is it! Sometimes, I just want to wear a medium color below the crease, blending upwards. This brush is perfect for that job.

- B/K021 Blue Squirrel, 2,808yen/$33: a large eye shadow brush for lay-down, with squirrel hair to control the shimmers and color-packing. It works for highlighting purposes too, like the under-eye area, nose ridge, and around the nostrils.

- B/G524 Water Badger, 3,780yen/$44: another wide eye brow brush, yasss! Love the water badger hair. Velvety soft!

- B532 Blue Squirrel, 3,348yen/$39: you're probably wondering what's the damn difference between this brush and the B/K021 above. Well, this one is just as wide but has shorter hair length which allows for more control. Shorter hair also means less give, so I can turn this brush on its side and use it to smudge. I can't do the same with B/K021 as the longer hair length means more floppiness.

- B/G5549 Water Badger, 3,240yen/$38: a wide eye brow brush with shorter hair length? Yes, please! I'm a bit obsessed with wide eye brow brushes at the moment ^.^ I haven't actually used this brush yet and have only tried the B/G524 above, but again the water badger hair is velvety soft.

- B/J125 Goat, 2,268yen/$27: I already have the B/J125R and have always wanted the full goat version. I actually wanted the full goat version for the B/J122R also but they didn't stock it there at the counter and I'd have to special-order it. Oh well.

- B214 Goat, 3,132yen/$37: I have the J214R and also wanted a full goat version. Confusing how this isn't labeled "B/J214" and instead separated as B214 versus J214R. Argh! Anyway, I love this multi-purpose brush though. Can be use for eye shadow lay-down, concealer, highlighting, etc. Very versatile.

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Citrine said...

At first I thought the letter just denotes handle type and/or length then I realized that these brushes with same number(regardless of handle type) both belong to the J Series and Basic Series.

I assume Basic is just part of the bigger J series, the overlapped ones have two codes.

Anyway, I wanted ones of these gold brushes as well but that means I will have to go for fudejapan and pay service fee and the higher ems rated...Not worth it.

D. said...

Hey Mina,

There are too many series overlaps I think, plus it doesn't make sense that something is in the "Basic" series but is also a part of a different series that's implied *not* so basic.

The next time I'm in Japan, I'll pick up these gold handles for you if you still want them then ^.^


Citrine said...

Yes! Let me know when you do...I actually love the two weasel brushes I have from haku (misako portable lips and eyeshadow)and I to pay huge markup for them...They stopped carrying weasel/konlinsky for nore than two years already.

D. said...

Cool. I don't know when I'll be able to go to Japan because, well, baby, but I'll definitely send you and email and remind you then ^.^


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