Saturday, July 1, 2017

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N Part III

From the RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N 2017 spring collection, among the five LE colors I picked up three: EX-19 Romantic Beige Pink, EX-21 Golden Shine, and EX-22 Chocolate Mauve. I was ambivalent about EX-20 Amber Apricot and decided to skip it.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These three colors have smoother texture than the rest, probably because they're much less sparkly. Save for EX-21 Golden Shine with a brushed metal finish, the other two are shimmery satins. Pigmentation are great, once again with little to no fall-outs.

I'm glad to have more medium crease shades to even out the number of base, highlighter, and lid shades from the first batch. The five eye colors released for summer collection are mostly light colors again with just one medium-ish color, 23 Red Brown. If I can get a hold of this color, I'll get it, but otherwise I think I'm done with these.

- EX-19 Romantic Beige Pink: shimmer, medium intensity. A pinky copper. I can smudge this color along my upper lash line but it does turn a bit red with my lower lash line.

Here are 06 Shiny Bronze, EX-13 Copper Gold, and EX-19 Romantic Beige Pink, all in the copper-rust range of color. EX-19 lacks the metalicity of the former two but it's more pigmented.

- EX-21 Golden Shine: metallic, medium intensity. A bright canary-yellow gold. Really brighten up my eye area when sheered out to a lid wash.

- EX-22 Chocolate Mauve: shimmer, medium intensity. A plummy mauve with brown undertone. For once I feel the color name is correct. This color makes a lovely crease shade and it's good for a smoky eye look also.

EX-07 Shiny Burgundy and EX-22 Chocolate Mauve. Dabbing EX-07 on top of EX-22 create this sparkly and gorgeous maroon!

EX-19 Romantic Beige Pink, EX-21 Golden Shine, and EX-22 Chocolate Mauve.

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