Monday, June 19, 2017

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N Part II

In my last RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N post I wasn't too thrilled with the quality of these single eye shadows. However, I happened upon these limited editions EX-13 Copper Gold and EX-14 Shiny Brown Gold on Selfridges UK online and found EX-07 Shiny Burgundy on E(vil)bay for a surprisingly reasonable price. Given all three are no longer available anywhere, I figured I should give them another chance :)

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Unfortunately, the texture of these singles isn't any better than the previous ones, but at least I much prefer these colors. Two of them are medium crease shades and all three are quite flattering on. Even with all the shimmers, there are still very few fall-outs, if any at all. So despite not completely convinced with the texture, I think I might pick up a couple colors from the newest 2017 spring release.

- EX-07 Shiny Burgundy: shimmer, medium intensity. A translucent purplish burgundy with violet and periwinkle shimmers that leave a wet sheen. Gorgeous!

- EX-13 Copper Gold: metallic, medium intensity. A reddish gold though not red enough to be copper in my humble opinion. Still makes a beautiful lid wash.

- EX-14 Shiny Brown Gold: shimmer, medium intensity. A blackened taupe with silver shimmers that again leave a wet sheen. I do wish this color was more pigmented as it's not dark enough to line. This particular color also has a harder and drier texture than the other two for some reason. Still, I do enjoy the color, though I wish it was better made.

From left to right: EX-07 Shiny Burgundy, EX-13 Copper Gold, and EX-14 Shiny Brown Gold.

See my previous RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N post.

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