Sunday, October 1, 2017

Paul & Joe Lipstick Part VII

Paul & Joe has done away with their Lipstick and Lipstick CS lines, replacing them with the newest Lipstick N's also with three finishes, Full Coverage, Natural, and Clear. A while back, Beauty Habit (not affiliated!) was giving away a randomly chosen lipstick case with each Lipstick or Lipstick CS refill purchase, because the new Lipstick N's have their own new cases, sold separately of course.

So I bought a backup refill of 100 Kiss in the Park because the color is just perfect for me and is super easy to wear. And good thing I did too because they're no longer available, save for E(vil)bay. Anyway, while at it I also picked another Lipstick refill in the color 205 Strawberry Jam with Natural finish, and received a freebie Lipstick Case CS 036.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'd seen a swatch of 205 Strawberry Jam online and while online swatches can be totally off, the color looked translucent and pretty enough to tempt me. Sure enough, it is translucent. It's also obviously shimmery. Ha. It's less moisturizing than the sheerer colors so I'm not too thrilled about this either.   

- 205 Strawberry Jam (Natural): translucent and warm blushing coral with lots of gold shimmers that leave a subtle brushed metal finish. There's nothing "natural" about this finish but the color is gorgeous. I still much prefer it shimmer-free of course, or at least less shimmery with a clear and glossy finish. Because this brushed metal finish brings out all the lines on my lips :( Layering with clear balm helps both the brushed metal finish as well as the moisture, but I'm annoyed I can't just apply and go. Don't have time to layer anything anymore I'm afraid.

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