Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS Part III

Even more Paul & Joe Lipstick CS along with a bunch of Lipstick Cases released this fall ^.^

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Apparently several of these Lipstick Cases are re-releases of previous limited editions, which is really kind of neat! Aren't they gorgeous? And I can change them around with different lipsticks when I feel like it!

From left to right, Lipstick Case CS 017, 018, 019, 020, 021, 022, and 024.

As for the 3 lipsticks, I decided to pick the remaining 2 from this past spring's release, 084 Poppy and 085 Peony, as well as a fall release 087 Film Festival

The thing about seasonal releases is that many times they don't actually tell you the finish of the lipsticks, whether they're sheers, naturals, or full coverages, so I'm always guessing based on their descriptions, unless the descriptions explicitly mention "sheer." And even then, they mix finishes within one season, an example being the fall 2013 releases, wherein 081 Once Upon a Time is a natural, 082 Far Far Away is a sheer, and 083 Happily Ever After is another natural. That said, 086 Rosebud ended up being such a great hit for me I bit the bullet and went back and purchased the other 2 spring releases also ^.^ And boy I'm so glad I did!

084 Poppy (Sheer): yes, this is a translucent and shimmer free orange! And it's a gorgeous wearable navel orange for me! And again, by "sheer" I think they meant translucent, because it's not sheer at all and the color shows up pretty well on my lips (and the swatch!). Love! 

085 Peony (Sheer): well, this peony is not just sheer, it's pretty much clear LOL! I guess I'm so thrilled with 084 Poppy above I don't really mind that this one has no color at all ^.^"

087 Film Festival (Full Coverage): a shimmer free and opaque deep blue based red. Holy cow this is my first Paul & Joe full coverage and it's super pigmented! May be all the color from 085 Peony went here instead - the swatch is a single swipe! And to think of it, this is pretty much an opaque twin of Canmake Cream Cheer Clear Series CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry, which totally confirms the ruby theme for lips and cheeks products this fall.

Since this is first full coverage lipstick from Paul & Joe, I find that the texture is totally different with the sheers and the naturals. Silly me, what was I expecting? For one, the full coverage is a lot thicker and has a lot more tug, yet at the same time it feels somewhat drier than the sheers and naturals, which tend to be creamy, emollient, moisturizing, and leaves a lovely glossy shine, the sheers more so than the naturals. This full coverage leaves a slight sheen, which is nice that it's not completely opaque, but I prefer my lip colors translucent and glossy. From what I've seen online, the other 2 fall releases are also full coverage, which means no more buys. Oh wait, I just lied, having bought three other sheers also released this fall as new additions to the permanent lineup (versus limited edition seasonal releases) -.-'

From left to right: 084 Poppy, 085 Peony, and 087 Film Festival. 

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kuri said...

They all look very pretty, particularly Film Festival!

Too bad about the texture though - I know what you mean. The color and texture both have to be right.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

I know, right? If I were dying to wear a deep blue base red on my lips, I could just apply lip balm, dab on Canmake CL07 and call it a day. So I really wish this Film Festival lipstick has better texture. Oh well...


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