Monday, December 1, 2014

Canmake Cream Cheek Part V + Clear Series

I've been kind of dragging my feet a little with Canmake, because their last few releases were sorely disappointing. However, this fall saw to an interesting darker ruby theme among a few lip and cheek products, so I thought I'd might as well save the couple of Cream Cheek and Cream Cheek Clear Series I had on hand to do a longer group review.

The 13 Love Peach might have been the very last of the Cream Cheeks, save for the Clear Series. Since this color came out in fall 2012 (I think...), there has been no new colors in the regular line. And might as well, because I think they were running out of color options -.-" (see comparison swatches below)! Anyway, I won't be reviewing the formulas and will go straight to the colors themselves. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- 13 Love Peach: a pigmented and opaque milky peach. Despite the pigmentation, the color itself is so light after blending I just get a fresh flush. This is nice for daytime as I don't want anything too obvious, but the color pretty much disappears at night, which is the reason I do reach for equally pigmented but darker colors. So unfortunately, this color will probably be mere highlighters for some people, so I'd say it's safe to skip.

And I said Canmake was running out of color options for the regular Cream Cheek line because there are several colors that are not identical, but close enough.

Here is a comparison between (top row) 01 Peach Dream, 03 Strawberry Whip, 08 Marshmallow Pink, 12 Milky Orange, and (bottom) 13 Love Peach. While you can differentiate the 5 among their swatches, after blending you'd have to seriously stare until your eyes pop out to distinguish one from another.

From the comparison above I found 01 Peach Dream to be closest to 13 Love Peach, perhaps because they're both peaches? Anyway, 01 Peach Dream turns out to be pinkier than 13 Love Peach, but same as above, they're indistinguishable after blending.

Here are the newer and newest Cream Cheek Clear Series releases, CL06 Clear Peach Sugar and CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry. After the disappointment that was CL05 Clear Happiness, I was down in the dumpster just looking at CL06 Clear Peach Sugar, because it appears even worse than CL05 in the pot T.T Thankfully CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry was much much much better and makes up for everything that CL06 falls short.   

- CL06 Clear Peach Sugar: a carnation pink and is as sheer as it looks. Boo. Hiss. Come on Canmake, cut it out with these pale and sheer cream/jelly cheek colors already!

Here's a comparison between (top row) CL02 Clear Love Song Pink, CL04 Clear Pink Joy, and (bottom) CL06 Clear Peach Sugar, just to show you how lacking it is versus its older sisters. Urgh.

- CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry: finally, some much-awaited color! This is a gorgeous and super pigmented ruby red and you need it. Now. The swatch is a single swipe! If you like the first four of these Clear Series jellies, this CL07 is a must have! Ignore CL05 and CL06. I just pretend they don't exist, just as they pretend they don't exist on my cheeks.

Against my favorite CL01 Clear Red Heart, I'd say this CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry is on par with pigmentation level, and as you can see CL01 is clearly a yellow-based red whereas CL07 is blue-based and deeper. Love, love, love!

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Citrine said...

Arghhh...Why did you say "You need it"?! My mom got me the ruby red one in Hong Kong and she was unable to send it to me with that Chinese courier service (shipping a huge packaging with blankets and scarves will be quite expensive, if you do it from HK). The company said it was combustive!

I think I will have to order one again...Because I really love the clear red heart.

D. said...

Hi Citrine!

LOL at least it means you're going to have a backup of this gorgeous ruby red!

And if you do decide to buy, don't buy from E(vil)bay. Buy from Ichibankao instead. I dislike her high markups but the good news is that the dollar is super strong against the yen right now, which means japan is ON SALE!!! So if you buy Japanese anything, it's best to buy in yen and not in dollars, ala E(vil)bay!


Citrine said...

Totally get you! The reason I am not buying from alphabeauty store because their canmake blushes are like 12 bucks (2x markup, r u kidding me bro. OK, I say that in Cantonese in my head). But I just found about a Japan-based anime store and found those Rilakkuma kitcheware super on sale!

Ok, actually there are Hong Kong store (with conscious)who lower their price accordingly with the yen, but those are for stationery. I foresee more hello kitty/rilakkuma kitcheware on the way.

D. said...

Ooohhh...what Japan-based anime store with Rilakkuma kitchenware?? Please do tell!!!

Is this stationery HK store online too?? Share! Share!


Citrine said...

Oh, the Japanese one is Otaku Mode

(warning: referral link. We both get 5 bucks voucher if the second person order something) I found the large version of my Rilakkuma spoon for 6 bucks (consider I bought the tiny one for 13, back in 2011)and a bento box...I think I got a free ems shipping just because I have two items.

The Hong Kong based store is

I love them for their Uni Style Fit multipen (limited edition ones!) they also have some cute pouches/cases, small bags and kitchenware as well...Now they have a lot of sold-out items though.

D. said...

Neato! Thanks Citrine!!! Bookmarked the links ^.^

kuri said...

Cl07 is going on my shopping list! (I ignore the no-buy for special things :P)

D. said...

Hi kuri!

I approve of this breaking of the rule ^.^ CL07 makes a great case for an exception!


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