Monday, March 4, 2013

Canmake Cream Cheek Part III Clear Series

I read about the new release of Canmake Cream Cheek CL04 Clear Pink Joy from Rouge Deluxe in late January and went straight to E(vil)bay ^.^'

After more than 3 weeks of use, I think I can declare another love. Let's just say while I love all my unscented Canmake Cream Cheeks, these clear series ones have a very special place in my heart. They're shimmer-free, translucent but pigmented gel colors, and a total breeze to apply. What's not to love? Really, they're awesome!

CL04 Clear Pink Joy limited edition. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- CL04 Clear Pink Joy: a translucent cool medium pink. On the back of my hand, it swatched true to how it appears in the pot, but on my cheeks it turned slightly cooler and brighter. It's still nowhere cool enough to be fuchsia or even hot pink, but so far it's the coolest toned one of the bunch. 

Upon the first glance, it may look similar to CL02 Clear Love Song Pink, but a side by side comparison demonstrates clearly they're different colors. CL02 is a nice and flattering flush on my cheeks, but CL04 is undoubtedly pink. Also, I used to think CL02 is neutral until I compare it to CL04, whereupon it looks rather warm!

CL02 Clear Love Song Pink (left) versus CL04 Clear Pink Joy (right).

Anyway, I love these clear ones to death! For as long as Canmake continues to make them, I will continue to collect each and every color ^.^

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Citrine said...

This is the cutest color (just by looking at the pan)of the clear serious so far. I am wearing the coral one (you got me a year ago)today and now I am really tempted to break my no-buy (not technically a no-buy, I just spent all my available monthly earning on stationery instead)for this ...

D. said...

Hey Citrine!

CL04 is definitely very pretty, although my favorite is still CL01 Clear Red Heart - I have a terrible weakness for translucent and shimmer-free reds ^.^

But yeah, these clear ones are absolutely worthwhile to invest in at least one. I love all 4 of mine!


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