Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dior Addict Extreme

I especially love it when freebie mini lipsticks are true miniatures of the full size, like this 1.4g/0.04oz. tube of Dior Addict Extreme in 536 Lucky from a Dior deluxe sample set Sephora gave out last year. I actually dislike the full size packaging - I find its outer square cap unsightly and bulky even if the inner twist up bullet is slim. And yet somehow, being shrunken to about half (or a third?) of its former self made it ridiculously adorable and I just couldn't pass it up! It's super travel friendly and is just the right amount I need anyway, as I could never finish a full size otherwise.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The Dior deluxe sample set comes with a sheet of temporary tattoos,  this Dior Addict Extreme in 536 Lucky 1.4g/0.04oz., Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum 3mL, and DiorShow Maximizer Base Mascara Lash Primer. The Lash Primer quickly found a loving home with sis-in-law. I already voiced my take on mascaras and such, yes?

Again, I can't comment on the whole range since I've only tried this one color, but there are clear pros and cons about this lipstick. The thin gel-like formula glides like a dream but is not too slippery. It's also wonderfully moisturizing, much so I actually forgot I was wearing lipstick! I tested it on one half of my bare upper and lower lips and Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 36 Satin Fuchsia on the other, and they were stark contrast of each other, pretty much day and night difference with one side parching up while the other comfortable, soft, and plump, with a nice sheen to boot! And with all the moisture it delivers, it does not bleed or transfer beyond my lip lines. Many moisturizing tinted balms do, and more often than not I have to "clean up" around my lips.

As for the "extremely long wear" claim, unfortunately there's nothing extremely long wear about 536 Lucky. I tested it on bare lips, and within the course of noting down the color and texture (about 15-20 minutes), the color faded a bit and I had to reapply. It didn't fade evenly either and left my lips patchy, with some areas redder than other. I blame the translucency and the moisturizing thin texture. Base on the swatch pictures I've seen online, there seems to be 3 categories of colors, a sheer range, a medium range, and a brighter and more pigmented one. So let's hope this extremely long wear claim will hold for the brighter and more pigmented colors. Because as far as I can tell, 536 Lucky is the brighter and more pigmented of the medium range, and it already fades this quickly... :X

- 536 Lucky: in the tube, it's a shimmer-free bright strawberry red that's leaning warm. However, it's actually a lot more pink - check out the swatch. Due to my very warm skin tone, I expected it to turn coral on my lips but instead it became even more of a bright petal pink! However, its translucency makes it totally wearable (versus the the super bold and opaque MUFE 36 Satin Fuchsia), even better is that it leaves a my-lips-but-better stain. The stain is very natural, nothing crazy bright or as stubborn as those from Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, but still a stain that MUFE 36 Satin Fuchsia didn't leave. So despite for the patchy fading color, this mini lipstick still earned a permanent place in my purse for all its other qualities ^.^

See how much more pink it is than in the tube?

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