Saturday, March 9, 2013

Glow August 2011

Last back-issue of 2011, hooray! This Glow August 2011 came with a Wedgwood tote in a cute flowery vine print on off white background.

The tote measures 31(length) x 25(height) x 10(width) cm and is made of cotton canvas. The material is some of the nicer cotton canvas as it's very soft, not too thin but not too thick either. Over all, the tote is very well made with clean and even stitching and no loose threads. 

There are no pockets or closure. The tote is not lined inside but the seams are covered with the handles attached securely to the mouth of the tote with double reinforced stitching. 

The magazine features actress You in a cover story about cute "grown-up" fashion for ladies in their 40's. Ermm...uhh...cute and grown-up in the same sentence? But hey, it's Japan. And may be with my crappy Japanese I misunderstood the headline. Anyway, if you're wondering, the actress is 49 this year. Are your eyes popping out of their sockets yet? I'll thank my lucky stars if I look half as good as she does when I'm her age. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

The freebie bag is decently sized! I like that they show a model carrying the bag, so you can actually picture how big it is, kind of.

Okay, I know I'm being catty, but that blue tunic (center) is probably one the most hideous pieces of clothing I've ever seen in a Japanese women's magazine. The model is lovely, but even she couldn't pull off wearing a tablecloth with 4 huge holes in it.

Another dud in that sandy beige bedskirt curtain - what is that thing and why would anyone wear it?!?

Age appropriate yukatas, of course.

Doesn't she look just like Janine Chang with the trademark apricot face shape and long hair? It's the same model above in the salmon colored tunic sweater and black capris and she looks just like Janine Chang there too! Wow, they can be sisters!

Summer desserts I want to just gobble all up ^.^

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