Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nivea Lip Care Balms Part II

Okay, I pretty much tried one each of about 2/3 of all Nivea Lip Care balms available out there. Talk about a lip balm fiend LOL! At home and the office, I always have a small basket/tray full of various lip balms like these. Whenever my lips feel dry, I'd reach in and grab one at random. I like the small element of surprise ^.^ If I were not in the mood for what I picked, I'd just toss it back and pick again.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- A Kiss Of Shine Pink Glossy Lip Care: a coral pink that looks bright when swatched but is actually very natural on my lips, so despite the pearly shimmers, it's quite appropriate for work and I wore this the entire time I was at the conference my company hosted. This is pretty much a moisturizing gloss due to its thick texture and glossy finish. It is quite smooth going on and is not sticky at all. Lasting power is good also, as both the color as well as the gloss stayed on my lips for a few hours. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be plumping, because there's something in it that makes my lips tingle slightly the way some plumping lip gloss do. I don't like this sensation, but it's so mild and it stops after 10-15 minutes or so, which by then I'd already forgotten about it. It is scented with a tart candy scent.

- A Kiss Of Shine Natural Look Glossy Lip Care SPF15: another moisturizing lip gloss with a thinner texture than the Pink Glossy above, although surprisingly it feels smoother and generally more comfortable. Save for the very fine shimmers that gives it an off white pearly sheen, it's pretty much clear. I reach for this one much less often, because in my opinion it's a "topper" gloss, one you layer over a lipstick or stain for moisture, shine, depth, plumping effect, or to slightly warm up the color. Of course you can wear it by itself, however due to the pearly shimmers it makes my lips look kind of pale. It's not bad by itself, but it's best layered on top of another lip color. It has a peachy fruity scent.

- A Kiss Of Cherry Fruity Lip Care SPF10: after the Fruity Shine versions imported into Taiwan in Strawberry and Pink Guava I had with me everywhere in Taipei, I had to try this one. I like it a lot too. The texture is just a touch waxier than the ones in Taiwan, but I don't dislike it. It's a pretty, and shimmer-free, blue base cherry tint, and of course with a cherry scent. 

- A Kiss Of Berry Swirl Vitamin Enriched Lip Care SPF10: not sure if this has any point other than looking and smelling different, and tricking silly me into trying it because it looks and smells different, like fake raspberry -.-' It has identical texture to the Cherry above and leaves a slight coral pink tint.

- A Kiss Of Vitamin Swirl Antioxidant Enriched Lip Care SPF10: same as above, but with a fake sweet candy scent and leaves a pink rosy tint.

From left to right: Shine Pink, Shine Natural, Cherry, Berry Swirl, and Vitamin Swirl.

- A Kiss of Shimmer Radiant Lip Care SPF10: I was extremely pissed off with this one. It was a completely opaque and upsettingly frosty princess pink and was just wrong on so many levels.

So instead of taking a picture of the swatch, I thought this photo might just do all the explaining for me.
***Picture from

- A Kiss Of Mint & Minerals Refreshing Lip Care: I bought this for hubby, expecting an genderless invigorating minty scent. Instead, I got a sugary sweet scent that's barely minty. Way to disappoint, hubby that is. I don't mind the scent so much, but be warned that it's not as innocent as it looks and sounds.

- A Kiss Of Olive Oil &Lemon Moisture Rich Lip Care: I read online that it has a lemony scent so  I picked one up to compare with the version I bought in Taipei. Guess what, there's no difference. They share an identical refreshing, albeit may be too strong for some, green tea scent I like so much!

See my previous Nivea Lip Care Balms post.


Citrine said...

I saw the kiss of shimmer one on clearance for around a dollar, glad that I didn't get it (the name and photoshopped swatch on the package already scared me away). I got their new lip butter a while back and like those a lot, they are like a creamier/smoother take on the victoria's secret beauty rush balm (minus the alcohol content but with yummy scent), those leave a bit of while film on the lip but it diffuses rather quickly and does a great job soaking off dead skin without feeling thick or waxy.

D. said...

Hi Citrine, know I'm a huge fan of the VS Beauty Rush balm right? That's a big pitch you're making with the Nivea Lip Butter! I guess I better try them out myself ^.^

Thanks for the recos!

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