Tuesday, December 16, 2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm Part II - Pop Shades

I stalked my San Francisco neighborhood Walgreens ever since Citrine posted her spy cam pics of these L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm Pop Shades, which were limited edition colors. However, they didn't show up at the store until summer of this year, right before I moved away! Even then, out of the four colors released, Walgreens only carried three, 171 Ballet Show, 172 Dragon Fruit, and 176 Vineyard Peach, with Lilac Sweetness nowhere to be found :(

From left to right: 171 Ballet Show, 172 Dragon Fruit, and 176 Vineyard Peach. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These pop shades have the same formula and sweet scent as those in the regular line. But true to their names boy oh boy do these colors pop! They are quite pigmented, on par with if not even more pigmented than both Maybelline Color Whispers (thinner gel formula) and Revlon Lip Butters (thicker buttery formula)! Now we're talking color rich, if not a bit too rich, sheesh! All three colors I have are semi opaque!

- 171 Ballet Show: a pigmented and popping cool pink leaning fuchsia with a pearlescent shine. The pearlescent shine makes this color semi metallic almost, and on my lips it's unfortunately too frosty. So I found it a loving home with my mum in law ^.^

- 172 Dragon Fruit: spot on with naming here! A pigmented and bright hot pink reminiscent of the dragon fruit peel. Even cooler is that it has pinky violet pearlescent shimmers, again lending a slightly metallic sheen to this color.

- 176 Vineyard Peach: when I first saw this color I thought, peach, what peach? It's a pigmented reddish coral in the tube and swatch picture, but turns out it does apply a peachy coral on my lips!

From left to right: 171 Ballet Show, 172 Dragon Fruit, and 176 Vineyard Peach.

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