Thursday, October 30, 2014

Maybelline ColorSensational Color Whisper Part III

Saw this Maybelline ColorSensational Color Whisper in 260 I Crave Coral on Citrine's blog way back in the spring, but for some reason the Walgreens in SF didn't stock them until the summer right before I moved away.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I have already mentioned I don't like this formula so much, but this color looked like a pretty orange so I decided to pick it up when I saw it. 

260 I Crave Coral: and it's orange indeed, not coral at all! On my lips it turns a tad peachy but still no signs of coral, which is odd because oranges usually turn coral on me. Hmm... Either way, I do like the seemingly shimmer free translucency, and an orange that stays orange is relatively rare in my stash so I'm glad I bought it.

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Citrine said...

I think maybelline just rereleased this shade (along with some color tattoo from last summer that wasn't sold out) for the summer. Your post remind me that I need to dug it out, I think it will work well as a base for Paul & Joe once upon a time (to give a juicier finish).

D. said...

Hmm...I haven't seen it at my local Walgreens at all! But good to know it works as a base for opaque lip colors, like Paul & Joe's Once Upon A Time!

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