Wednesday, December 24, 2014

FANCL Cheek Color Part IV

It's been a loooooong time since I bought a FANCL Cheek Color, with the last review dated 2010! That's because it's been a looooooong time since FANCL released anything interesting, and the last limited edition item being in 2008 :( Anyhoo, right before I moved home in the late summer of 2012, FANCL finally came out with a new-ish blush and highlighter.

There are 3 colors for the Cheek Color, Sweet Pink, Coral Pink, and Bronze Pink, and just one color for the highlighter, the White Colors. All are now available from the FANCL USA online shop. I picked up only Sweet Pink and the Highlighter White Colors, which I will review in a separate post. Yes, I do know these reviews are two years late, but considering these did take some time to come to the American shore, I think I'm only about a year or so late, which is not that bad :P I have been using both all this time, just never got around to reviewing them.

Sweet Pink and Highlighter White Colors. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The good news is that the quality is still the same and not much has changed here. The powder is still unscented, soft and smooth. And overall the blush itself is still somewhat sheer just like the previous versions. This is the reason I said "new-ish" above, because they're really not new, the same blushes only in different mosaic. But I love that it's completely sealed for freshness. And I do like the portability - these are the same size they used to be including the removable case, so you can remove the color pan inside and put it in a compact. Including the case, the whole thing is about an inch in length and 3/4 inch height. So yeah, about 2 finger nodes size! I carry mine in my bag, because it's so...tiny.

- Sweet Pink: a warm combination of soft white (right), soft fleshy pink (top left), warm medium pink (lower left), and deep but warm rose (center). These mix together for a lovely rosy flush. As far as I can tell, the only difference really between this Cheek Color and the previous version is that the previous version was more shimmery. The shimmers in this newer one is so finely milled they don't really show up. 

Swatches were done heavily, which should tell you how sheer these are.

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