Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick

More Tarte goodies, in the form of the Amazonian Butter Lipstick in the Kiss and Makeup 5-piece Amazonian Butter Lipstick Collection. This was actually from the holiday 2013 so it was on sale when I bought it back in the late summer, and as a result I got an awesome price $33 for 5 fullsize lipsticks, which is about half the retail! What a great way to sample new products!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The Kiss and Makeup 5-piece Amazonian Butter Lipstick Collection includes (from left to right) the colors Angelic Nude, Sweet Peach, Merry Berry, Pink Poinsettia, and Candy Red.

First, the packaging. As you can see it's paper, just like the Paul & Joe lipsticks ^.^ While they seem like a smaller lipstick than Paul & Joe, they're actually comparable, with Tarte being 0.1oz/2.83g versus Paul & Joe's 3g. And the Tarte lipsticks are only $16 a piece for the lipstick and case. 

Texture wise, despite the "butter" in their name they're much thinner than expected with a slippery feel, which reminds me of Korres Mango Butter Lipsticks. And while I can put up with the thinness and the slip, I do wish they're more moisturizing, because they're not. I would apply them, and after an hour or so I would feel my lips withering, not unlike the Maybelline Color Whispers :( 

They are quite pigmented, and two of the lipsticks are semi opaque while the other three are semi translucent. I like it very much that they have the identical peppermint flavor as the LipSurgence lip pencils, and even better is that there's no taste, just the pepperminty sensation. If only they were more moisturizing, or even half as moisturizing as the LipSurgence lip pencils, I would definitely try more colors. But as of right now, given the thin and slippery texture and the lack of moisture, I won't be buying any more of these.

- Angelic Nude: a shimmer free semi opaque peachy nude. Thankfully it's only semi opaque, because any more and I won't be able to wear this color. Phew.

- Sweet Peach: a shimmer free semi opaque pinky peach. This color gains some coral on my lips.

- Merry Berry: this is an interesting color. When you look at it directly, it's a translucent brownish red. But at an angle, the light will reflect fine periwinkle shimmers, turning it berry. I didn't think I'd like this color but it's actually very pretty on the lips!

- Pink Poinsettia: I think Pink Poinsettia is totally off for a name, because this color is not pink and is in fact a translucent and shimmer free yellow based red. Love this color, but I really do wish it was more moisturizing!

- Candy Red: I feel this color should have been Pink Poinsettia instead, because it's a translucent and shimmer free blue based red that leans very blue. I like the yellow based red much better but this red is pretty too!

From left to right: Angelic Nude, Sweet Peach, Merry Berry, Pink Poinsettia, and Candy Red.

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