Sunday, January 28, 2018

Kiehl's Rosa Artica Youth Regenerating Cream

A whole year later, I'm still not finished and is bored out of my mind with the gigantic 100g jar of Cici Care Rose Oil Placenta Cream, so I moved on to this 7g deluxe sample pot plus a 0.25oz. packet of Kiehl's Rosa Artica Youth Regenerating Cream.

Prior to trying this cream, I'd read many reviews of it. One particular review that stood out to me compared with cream favorably to La Mer. I tried La Mer a couple of years ago and couldn't stand it because it was so heavily scented. So that review totally sold me on this Rosa Artica cream.

Do I like it better than La Mer? Yes. It's unscented, and that alone was enough for me. Otherwise both were similarly thick, rich, and moisturizing. Right before bed, I warm a bit in my palms and press it onto my face, focusing around the mouth area and chin where my skin is driest. That keep me comfortable through the night and my face didn't turn into a grease pan in the morning. I won't buy the full size though, because this tiny pot will already last me quite a while.

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