Thursday, February 1, 2018

Paul & Joe Hand Hand Cream

Almost done with this 40mL tube of Paul & Joe Hand Hand Cream so here's a quick review for it. I've been resisting P&J as I was annoyed with the recent revamp of the lipstick line that exactly the same thing in different packaging, which of course also means different lipstick cases that were sold separately.

Blame Beauty Habit for running such a great GWP promotion that successfully tempted me into picking up the P&J hand creams and trying two new lippies while at it. Urgh. I'm such a sucker.

These hand creams come in three varieties: Hand Cream (white), Silky Hand Cream (turquoise), and Moisturizing Hand Cream (pink). Hmm...does this mean the Hand Cream is neither silky or moisturizing? Nitpicking aside, I think the Moisturizing Hand Cream is supposed to be thick and rich. As for the Silky Hand Cream, I've no idea.

I picked the Hand Cream to start with because I was curious with the scent. And upon taking a sniff I cringed--it's heavily scented with an overpowering flowery fragrance, so I figured I'd just use it first and be rid of it ^.^ This hand cream is slightly thicker than the Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream. It's also slightly more moisturizing though it washes right off, whereas Jurlique will last through two hand washes. In short, it's adequate for daytime use but is nowhere near what I need for nighttime. I'm hoping the other two tubes will be better, but if not I could always use more daytime hand creams, especially lighter ones for the summer.

This is the Beauty Habit bait that I bit. It's actually been a long time since I last fell for one because they mostly included things I don't ever use like dry shampoo, etc. But this GWP they nailed it with me, because I actually look forward to trying every item shown here. I'm particularly stoked with the Tocca bar soap trio in the scents Cleopatra (grapefruilt + cucumber), Stella (Italian blood orange), and Florence (bergamot + gardenia). 

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