Sunday, March 18, 2018

Face Stockholm Lip Care

Last winter, I bought some Face Stockholm lipsticks, specifically those from the No. 35 Lipstick Collection. That order went a little wonky but FS customer service was gracious and helpful and it ended well, even if I had to return the whole thing and reordered. Here's the Lip Care Treatment that's been in my bag for the past month.

Face Stockholm order take one. The hot pink packaging is for the No. 35 Lipstick Collection.

Face Stockholm order take two. The pastel pink packaging is for the Lipstick Veils, which I'll review next. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

There are several in the Lip Care section of Face Stockholm's website. The Vitamin E is white, Vitamin C is bright yellow, this Treatment is a transparent red-pink, Normalizer is green, Lip Base is nude, and Exfoliator is a pastel pink, each is $22/3.4g/0.12oz. of product content. I've always wanted to try the Treatment because it looks transparent and delicious, so the 35% promotion during FS's 35 years anniversary was the perfect excuse. As for the rest, I hope they don't have a white base and are opaque, though I'm not touching any of them either way. Too risky.

Unfortunately, my conclusion for this Lip Care Treatment is a disappointing meh. It's unscented, which is nice. It's also hard and waxy and feels no different on my lips than your average chapstick, only four times the price. Good thing I bought it with a good discount. As you can see, it's literally transparent and despite the hot pink bullet, there's no color at all. A glorified chapstick it is, and not a great one either, sadly.

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