Monday, March 26, 2018

Face Stockholm Lipstick Part V

These are my newest Face Stockholm Lipsticks in the Veil finish. In addition to Wineberry, I traded the five from the No. 35 Lipstick Collection for Angel, Elegant, Evening, Natural, and Strawberry. They're pretty much all the colors I was curious about so I won't be getting anymore unless they release more interesting colors.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Welp, because the provided stock photos can be totally off, the good news is four of these colors turn out much better than expected, and of course the bad news is the other two colors are totally off. Ha. Well, I win some I lose some I guess. At least those two aren't terrible, they're just not my kind of colors, that's all. I'll definitely pass them on to someone else who can show them more love. Like my previous Veil purchases, these too have inconsistencies in pigmentation level and translucency.

- Angel: translucent and shimmer-free reddish-blush that's among the more pigmented of the bunch.

- Elegant: a transparent burgundy with shimmers that don't show at all. I was most pleasantly surprised with this color. It's gorgeous!

- Evening: transparent caramel with larger and more obvious shimmers than Elegant above. Opposite with Elegant, I had high hopes for this color but it turned out to be, well, very brown. Oh well, at least the transparency makes it a bit easier to layer with. Most likely I'll pass it on because I don't have time to layer anything, much less lipsticks.

- Natural: translucent and shimmer-free apricot. If I were to layer Evening over this color, I'll probably get a pretty wearable nude. Too bad these days I only have time to quickly swipe something on and then dash.

- Strawberry: a creamy and shimmer-free bubblegum pink. I'm not sure this color belongs in the Veil category because it has more of a cream finish without much translucency. It's a pretty pink, just not my kind of pink so I'll definitely pass this one on also.

- Wineberry: translucent and shimmer-free mauve-pink. Very pretty and wearable.

From left to right: Angel, Elegant, Evening, Natural, Strawberry, and Wineberry. Click to zoom.

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