Thursday, April 5, 2018

Lunasol Oil Lip Balm

Last winter, I thought Lunasol's entire 2017 holiday collection was sleep-inducing and passed on the whole thing with the exception of these Oil Lip Balms. Even then, I skipped EX01 Tint Shiny Pink because self-explanatory, and plus stock photos shows shimmers, urgh. But EX02 Tint Red and EX03 Tint Bordeaux caught my eyes with their translucent juiciness and I sure had to have them.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash. The blue cast in the photos was from a cloud-less sunny day ^.^"

Are these lip balms? Undoubtedly yes, and they were named as much. Yes, they may be overpriced lip balms, but I knew they were lip treatments going in so I have no complaints or regrets. Not sure whether the "oil" part is in the formula or the texture or the finish. I didn't even bother to read their descriptions you see. I just saw the promotion pics showing a bright red and translucent lippie and was instantly sold. Good thing it's a Kanebo lippie, which means they can't be that bad.

Actually, they aren't bad at all. In fact, I think their formula is freakin' fantastic and I really wish Lunasol would make an actual line of lipstick with it. The balm is, well, very balmy going on, if not a touch waxy even. However, once on it's so smooth, thick, and not at all oily or slick, even if it leaves behind a oil-like glossy shine. It's extremely moisturizing on my lips and does last for a good while. I'd say the glossiness disappears completely after three hours with occasional water sipping, but my lips were still comfortable afterwards. It didn't stain the back of my hand, but on my lips it does stain a smidge. Then again, any other pigmented lipstick would stain my lips a tiny bit so I wouldn't say this is anything special. Over all, I'm happy to have these but I wouldn't hoard them.

- EX02 Tint Red: a transparent red tint that stains my lips a touch pink.

- EX03 Tint Bordeaux: a transparent bordeaux that shows much better on my lips than EX02 Tint Red above. It leaves a faint mauvy stain.

EX02 Tint Red and EX03 Tint Bordeaux. The blue sky tinted the photo blue.


Citrine said...

I really wanted the red one but I guess not as much now I know it stains. Anyway maybe I should shift my attention to airy glow lips as they are easier to find.

I think Lunasol version will be more tasteful than canmake and opera...both get overblown magenta). I actually have a Dior lip Glow that really looks like the tint bordeaux and I kind of like it. Chicca has a coral lipstick out this summer and I am saving my pennies for that!

D. said...

Hey Mina,

It barely stains my lips and the stain doesn't really last, because I tend to apply lip balm which fades most stains. But I do love the formula though! Wish they make an actual lipstick like that.

I thought about picking up a couple of Airy Glow Lips but saw that they weren't as well-rated on Cosme. And from the online swatches, they're more creamy and not as translucent as some of the Full Glamour Lips. So I refrained. But I'd be very curious to know if you like them though!


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