Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Paul & Joe Hand Cream Part II

Just finished this 40mL tube of Paul & Joe Hand Cream, the Silky version in the turquoise tube, so here's a quick review for it.

I'll be up front right now: I won't repurchase either the white or this turquoise tube again, and I wouldn't recommend either of them unless you're really curious and have some cash to spare.

This Silky Hand Cream was still heavily scented with a flowery fragrance, though better-smelling than the Hand Cream in the white tube. That said, this stuff was pretty much water on my hands. It so thin and runny I could barely tell if I had anything on at all, even during the day. So this is a hand cream for a tropical environment, and if you're in a tropical environment, I'm not sure you'd even need a hand cream. So far, both P&J hand creams I've tried have been meh. Let's the Moisturizing version in the pink tube will be better than these two.

See my previous Paul & Joe Hand Cream post.

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