Friday, May 4, 2018

Wonder Honey Honey Dew Hand Cream Part II

Almost done with this 50g tube of Wonder Honey Honey Dew Moisturizing Hand Cream しっとり (moisturizing) type in Yuzu & Honey so here's a quick review for it.

The verdict is that I actually like the Apple & Honey better. Or rather, I like the とろとろ (softening) better than the しっとり (moisturizing) type. Strangely enough, this "moisturizing" type is thinner, and even though it feels greasier on my hands it's not as moisturizing as the "softening" type, which was thicker and wasn't greasy. I still went back and bought a few more different scents though, because I'm going through hand creams like crazy! So I'll save the "softening" ones for the drier months and use the "moisturizing" ones for the summer months.

The Yuzu & Honey scent is interesting. It smells like bitter grapefruit peels with a bit of yuzu thrown in. I like it, because I like all things citrus, but I imagine it might be a bit strong for some folks. More to come!

See my previous Wonder Honey Honey Dew Hand Cream post.

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