Friday, June 8, 2018

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes Part VI

This spring, Suqqu released three more Designing Color Eyes palettes, two in the permanent lineup and one limited edition. Again I didn't care for either of the permanent ones even though one of them is a neutral brown quad right up my alley. Instead, I was inexplicably drawn to yet another hot pink, the sparkling top wash in the LE palette 114 花明 (Hanaakari).  

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

What's with me and hot pinks lately? Even I don't get it. Actually, what's with Suqqu and hot pinks, or just pinks, rather? Not that I'm complaining. Good thing they didn't go for another round of hot pinks for the summer. More on that later.

- 114 花明 (Hanaakari): this is a gorgeous quad that's surprisingly wearable, yes, even that hot pink sparkling top wash. And it's very pigmented, as you can see from the swatches.

Clockwise from top left:
- Highlighter: metallic pearl, medium intensity. Cream with a pearly champagne sheen. Rather pigmented for a highlighter shade. I was worried this color would turn frosty on me, this is what happens with pigmented and opaque highlighters, but thankfully this shade sheers out to a nice, shimmery wash.
- Sparkling top wash/lid/medium crease: high shimmer, medium intensity. A translucent hot pink with a sparkling, wet sheen and is surprisingly versatile given all the shimmers. Also, I was afraid lots of shimmers would translate to grittiness but it's surprisingly smooth. I have dusted this color on as a top wash, layered it twice all over the lids, or applied it heavily in the crease. Very pretty.
- Dark/liner: satin, high intensity. Appears a deep eggplant in the pan but is in fact a neutral bitter chocolate. 
- Lid: metallic, high intensity. An opaque pink-beige but can appear rose gold under artificial/indoor lighting.

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