Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Jurlique Replenishing Foaming Cleanser

Happy Lunar New Year!

Finally finally finished Konnyaku Sabon Facial Cleansing Soap Tokyo Bamboo Charcoal a couple of weeks ago and moved on to this 200mL/6.7fl oz. pump bottle of Jurlique Replenishing Foaming Cleanser. Good thing too, because it's expiring in a couple of months :X

I wasn't totally convinced this was a foaming cleanser, because by all appearance it looks like a milk. It looks like a milk inside the bottle and it dispenses still looking like a milk. The cleanser also requires shaking, which paused me. There was a couple of times when I did forget to shake and the stuff came out watery. So does it foam? Very little. For the most part, it feels creamy, just like a milk cleanser.

All that said, despite looking and feeling like a milk cleanser, this does rinse clean and doesn't leave my skin squeaky. It isn't stripping at the slightest but is actually quite effective at removing oil and dirt. How do I know? Well, I have a funny way of testing a foaming cleanser: after massaging the cleanser onto my face and neck, I use the extra to clean the back of my ears ^.^" I have dry-combination skin, and my ears happen to be one of the oily areas, like my t-zone. An meh foaming cleanser will foam like mad but won't get the oil off or leave my ears dry and itchy afterwards. An excellent foaming cleanser will get the oil off and leave my ears soft, which is exactly what this cleanser does. In short, I'm pretty impressed. This is one of the rare few cleansers that passed this quirky test of mine.

This isn't a perfect cleanser though (nothing in life is perfect anyway). There are two things I'm less thrilled about it. One is that the pump dispenses very little, so I end up having to use two pumps for the face and another two for neck and decolletage. The second is the scent. Let's just say there are things in the ingredients that contribute to a fragrance that's at war with itself. I could smell rose, lavender, citrus verbena, and few other things that just clash and don't get along. But the clashing scent doesn't bother me enough to stop using though. I'll definitely repurchase for the cold and dry months. If you have dry or combo skin and can tolerate fragrances, give this a try.

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