Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fresh Sugar Mini Tinted Lip Treatment Part II

Every holiday season Sephora runs tempting promotions and of course I fall for it every time -.-' 2013 was no different, and there were these interesting sets of deluxe sample bags with items I've been wanting to try. So I ended up with 2 small separate orders because two of these fours bags appealed to me ^.^ This 2.2g/0.07oz. tube of Fresh Sugar Mini Tinted Lip Treatment Petal is a part of the Holly Jolly bag.

***Screenshot from Sephora USA.

Holly Jolly bag and contents.

There are several colors/flavors of this Tinted Lip Treatment and this is Petal. By the way, this has SPF15 and I've used the original Rose before but didn't notice the SPF. So I'm not sure if this is a new thing or I've been oblivious (probably the latter ^.^). Anyway, I've already reviewed the texture and performance of this balm for the  so I won't repeat again. 

Petal comes in a similarly metallic packaging with twist off cap. As you can see, it's actually itty bitty, so to pay some $40+ for a set of 5 different flavors is just ridiculous. Same with paying $22+ for a full size. Really, folks, it's a chapstick with some color, a decent chapstick but a chapstick nonetheless. So overpriced and so not worth it, in my humble opinion.

Petal has the same lemon cookie scent and is a reddish coral color. It's also much more opaque and pigmented in comparison to the much sheerer veil of pink the Rose gives. The first time I tried this, I was in the middle of class and mindlessly swiped it on. Later during I snuck out during break to wash my hands and promptly scared myself upon one look into the mirror. My lips were really a bright coral red! Eeps. So yes, folks, unfortunately this Tinted Lip Treatment Petal is not something you can apply without a mirror. Well, technically you can but you will scare some people if you don't know how much you've applied. Like I did -.-'

See my previous Fresh Sugar Mini Tinted Lip Treatment Rose post.


Ann said...

Aagghhhhh!!!! I really hate that my local Sephora never have this deluxe sample bags (or samples and neither can you return the products)

Yes, Fresh is very expensive( in Mexico one full size Fresh lip balm will cost you like 32 dollars) and like you I think they are decent but for that money I will better buy YSL or Dior.

For lips treatment I love La Mer is super expensive but is worth every single dollar.


D. said...

Hi Ann,

OMG so it's even more expensive in Mexico? Unbelievable!!! Yes, I would totally go for YSL or Dior too if I were you!

Leave me your email address, Ann. Make sure to you spell it out so you won't get junk emails ^.^


Ann said...

Thats Mexico for you! We pay taxes over the taxes wich is ridiculous when we are beside each other!!

My mail is : a-h-a-h-c-5-7-6-@-gmail-dot-com (minus the -)

I do understand that when you buy American brands in like Europe it will be expensive like I remember when I was in Frankfurt airport I bought a Revlon nailpolish in duty free and it was like 15 euros... and then in Paris I bought a Bobby Brown foundation and men it was 60 euros!

I just cant understand why is so expensive in Mexico

Cheers! :D

Emma said...

OMG!!! This is so pretty. Love the packaging and the color as well. Hope I could find these.

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