Monday, March 24, 2014

Victoria's Secret HyperGloss Eye Shimmer

Last year, while browsing and hoping my beloved Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm to make a comeback, I discovered these HyperGloss Eye Shimmer in the clearance section and picked them up on a whim. I'm soooooooo glad I did, because they're gorgeous!

I bought 3 colors at the time, Night Lights, Moon Lights, and Golden Lights. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These are sparkly top wash in unscented cream formula that can be used three ways:
1. As an eye base.
2. On their own as a sheer sparkly wash.
3. As a finishing touch on top of eye shadows.

I have tried them all as base but found that they crease whatever shadows I put on top. And why on earth would anyone want to cover up something so gorgeous with more shadows? My favorite way is to wear them alone as a sheer sparkly wash, on top of a drier eye base because otherwise they'll crease on my super oily lids. Then I just add eye liner and -poof- instant glamour! As a finishing touch I find they light up my entire eye look with just a tiny little dab in the middle of the lid. The best part is that the 3 colors have 3 distinctly different textures and finishes, so each will give a different effect.

- Night Lights: my favorite of the lot. This is a sheer translucent taupe with lots silver shimmers mix in with some violet and pale blue. Depends on how the light hits, I'll get a taupey purple reflection that's just breathtaking beyond words, especially under artificial lighting. Due to the amount of shimmers, it's not as creamy as the Moon Lights below, but that's not to say it's gritty - it's not, at all!

- Moon Lights: this is a pale champagne that reflects a pearly semi-metallic gold sheen at an angle. It's also very gorgeous, especially so in artificial lighting. I suppose these are made for night parties ^.^ Although this one is also sheer, it's not as translucent as the Night Lights above and does have some opacity, especially in an angle where the gold reflects.

- Golden Lights: my least favorite but still very pretty, this is not gold at all but a coppery beige with silver, violet, and pale blue shimmers very similar to those in the Night Lights above, only distributed more evenly instead of skewing towards silver like Night Lights. So why is it my least favorite? Because the cooler violet and pale blue shimmers totally clash with the warmer coppery beige base :/ In addition, it's also the most opaque out of all 3, and you can actually see the gradual increase of opacity from Night Lights to Golden Lights in the swatch picture below. Still, I have worn this alone as a wash and it's pretty, so by no means any of these are complaints.

From left to right: Night Lights, Moon Lights, and Golden Lights. And of course the swatch utterly failed to show how gorgeous these actually are. Ha... -.-'

After wearing these a few times, I got totally hooked and went back to Victoria's Secret to try their newest (and much more wordy) incarnation as the VS Pro Magic FX HyperGloss Eye Shimmer. This new version only comes in 2 colors, Silver and Gold. To my utter disappointment, Silver turns out to be identical to Night Lights, and Gold is identical to Golden Lights. So really, the "new versions" are not new at all but are the same stuff renamed and repackaged. Damn, I was hoping for new colors :( Oh well. 

After some googling, I have since located Star Lights and Diamond Lights, both of which have long been discontinued, being a part of limited edition collections that I was completely unaware of (and didn't much care for...). Will review these later after a good try! So excited! 


Ann said...

I will have to enjoy this products vicariously through you because I have never been able to get my hands on Victoria's Secrets make up :(

I even looked on some VS shops when I was in the USA but they only had they lotions and body butters.

Nigh lights looks soooooo good!

where did you buy them?

D. said...

Hi Ann,

Actually, the Victoria's Secret USA online store will ship internationally!!! Try them, especially when the Silver color is identical to Night Lights ^.^

If not, then E(vil)bay, but I'd recommend trying the VS website first.


Ann said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Do you know where do find these anymore since they stopped selling make up?! About to run out of my last tube & stressing out a little's all I use!

D. said...

Hi Amy,

I'm afraid these Eye Shimmers were discontinued two years ago, so whatever stock left straggling online via ebay sellers are probably gone also. VS has completely phased out all of their makeup. The only items kept are lip glosses and balms :(

I'd offer you mine, but I've been away and haven't touched them for more than a year, which is to say they're probably not fresh having been opened a while ago...


Almav1001 said...

Do you recommend any other products like this one? I love the effect they give, never really had anything like it before or since.

D. said...

Hi unknown,

Honestly, because I have oily eye lids, I don't often reach for liquid/cream eye shadows and I haven't tried that many.

Of the few I've tried, I like the below 2 in no particular order:

1. Paul & Joe Eye Gloss
- Reviewed here:
- Available here (not affiliated):

2. Canmake Jewelstar Eyes
- Reviewed here:
- See available colors here as many have been discontinued:
- Available via online shops including e(vil)bay, though beware of markups. These retail for 580yen (~$6) in Japan.

If you're open to try a powder-cream hybrid formula, the 2 below are all sorts of awesomeness:

1. L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow if you prefer more pigmentation and intense metallic finish
- Reviewed here:

2. Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes if you prefer high wattage sparkles, yes, even more so than L'Oreal Infallible!
- Reviewed here:
- Available via online shops including e(vil)bay, and these should *not* cost any more than $9/each with free shipping.

Also, Urban Decay just released a Liquid Moondust Eyeshadows, and from online swatches they look interesting. I haven't tried any and will probably pass, but you might want to go swatch it in person at Sephora perhaps, assuming you're in the US. Let me know if you like these! I'm curious too :)

Hope this helps.


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