Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lancome Absolue Sublime Oleo-Serum

Eeps, it's getting crazy over here and will probably get worse come July-August, so I'll do my best to post whenever I have time. That said, I do have some goodies coming up to show you (hint: more Koyudo and Lunasol ^.^)...

Finished this 5mL/0.16floz. deluxe sample of Lancome Absolue Sublime Oleo-Serum a couple of weeks ago but didn't get around to review until now. I got the sample from the Saks 5th Avenue's holiday 2013 GWP.

I guess this is Lancome's premium line because the full size goes for a whopping $187/1 oz., yes you read that right. So this hit it way out of the field for me but I'm glad to have tried this sample. Because guess what, I actually liked it ^.^ The sample came in a hygienic pump tube and I got a good two weeks out of it for morning and night, using 2 pumps each time.

This was a serum that was really pretty coming out of the tube in a shimmery peach pearlescent gel cream. This was not what impressed me at all as I don't actually care for how pretty my skincare products look. I do care how it feels going on though, and in this case it was a refreshing feeling which made me think there was alcohol in it. That said, I didn't smell the alcohol because the serum was scented, and I do admit I did like the scent quite a bit. It reminded me of the Lancome perfume O Oui!, which was one of the very few perfume I actually wore every once in a while. Unfortunately, it looks like Lancome has discontinued this perfume and it's no longer available in the US.

But I digress. The serum spread easily, absorbed cleanly and quickly, and it made my skin velvety soft. I don't know the longterm benefit of using this because, well, I only tried it for two weeks. This is another reason I won't spend $200 for the full size -- it just seems crazy to spend that much on a serum! So even though I do like it, I'll move on to something move affordable.


Citrine said...

More lunasol....Bring it on(I got pink beige last Monday and now I am back on khaki beige again)I think having gotten more usable brushes makes eyeshadow much more fun...I have a few Koyudo brushes (mainly pencils then some kolinsky shadow) in my cart right now, so someday I will check out....

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Woot!!! So how do you like your Pink Beige Collection? Do tell, do tell! Yeah, that Khaki Beige is gorgeous too. Honestly I still can't pick between the two. So so so very tempted to get backups but I really really shouldn't.

Ooohh which Koyudo brushes do you have in your cart?


Citrine said...

So, I don't remember the number but they are mostly pencil brushes (with white and black hair)then small and medium sized kolinsky, as a mental replacement for the expensive shu uemura 11 ....I might have been living inside a cave since I only discovered pencil brushes recently (through chikuhodo z-10),I have been using stila 4 for undereye forever and it really feels like a pain in the eye....

Anyway, I will wait a little (when cdjapan has a promotion)since I don't need need them all at once. On the bright side, I gave up finding the perfect lip brush after lunasol (it's not like I use one brush for everything anyway).

D. said...

Oh, did you mean the Koyudo C010 (pony, dark brown hair) and C011 (goat, undyed white hair)? I LOVE those two and use them all the time!!! The C010 is great for highlighting inner corners or to smudge out liners. The C011 is awesome for the outer V. I should probably get backups for these...

Review the Pink Beige Collection when you have a chance! I want to know your take on it!


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