Sunday, June 21, 2015

Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base

I've read that Canmake eye bases are great so I picked up two items to try, the Eyeshadow Base (left, will review next) and this Lasting Multi Eye Base (right). At the time, I wasn't sure what's the difference is between these two, well, aside from the obvious fact that one comes in a pan and the other in a tube. So I had to try both, right? ^.^

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The packaging says this base works for:
1. Eyeshadows. 
- My reaction: Great! Exactly what I'm looking for.
2. Eyeliners. 
- My reaction: Buh? Are they saying I should apply this stuff on my lash line prior to lining, or worse, my waterlines? Erhh...may be not...
3. Eyebrows. 
- My reaction: So this doubles for an eyebrow cream or gel too? Sort of like the runnier bases such as Holika Holika Fitting Veil Eye Primer and the old but discontinued favorite Canmake Liquid & Shadow Base? Interesting...

And then I squeezed some onto the back of my hand for a swatch photo and promptly raised an eyebrow, because it actually took some effort to get it out of the tube even though the tube itself is rather squishy and soft. It turned out to be a firm white cream, think refrigerated shortening. I squeezed some more out to blend below the swatch and promptly raised the other eyebrow. Were they confused or something? This certainly didn't feel like an eye base but more like a rich moisturizing cream. And given my already oily lids, add more oily moisturizing cream and it's going to be a disaster!

Anyway, I finally tried this base Thursday night for a dinner out with friends. It took a while to dry to a completely transparent finish, so no coverage whatsoever, not even a slight veil to even out any discoloration on the lids. The time it took to dry only confirmed my suspicion that this would end terribly. Then I crossed my fingers, hope for the best, and wore Lunasol Lighting for Eyes on top.

Well, guess what -- it's fantastic! ^.^ Let's just say I headed out at 4:30 and came home at 10PM, so that was 5.5 hours that my eye shadows stayed intact. It was a hot day with my lids being its usual oily self, and I've explained in my review for Lighting for Eyes that the colors came together nicely at the end of the night in ways that I couldn't achieve during application. They looked rather fresh and blended as they should. I don't know if this base has something to do with all that goodness, but I do know my eyeshadows didn't crease. That said, Lighting for Eyes was all pressed powder, and I really really doubt this base would stand a chance in combination with a cream shadow, at least not on my oily lids. One of these days I'll test it out with a cream shadow, but for now I'm happy with it for powders. 

Eyeshadow Base and Lasting Multi Eye Base.

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