Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lunasol Geminate Eyes

Apparently these Lunasol Geminate Eyes are among the brand's most popular since their first release mid-August 2007. Interestingly enough, the palettes are mostly warm with the exception of 03DM (Diamond) and 04SP (Sapphire). And even then, among the 2 palettes that are still available, it seems only 01CE (Cat's Eyes) will work and 05RB (Ruby) scares me ^.^ So I went with just 01CE.

The original lineup versus (top) versus current availability (bottom), with 02AR (Alexandrite), 03DM, and 04SP discontinued.

***Screencaps from Lunasol-net.

Here's a great photo posted by Rouge Deluxe via the Cozy Cot forum when these palettes were released.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Oh my goodness, I might have to go back for that 05RB after all, having totally seen what the fuss is all about and why these Geminate Eyes are so popular! These are super duper pigmented, including that sparkly top wash. The finishes are metallic, yes, that sparkly top wash also. Even the liner (bottom right) is semi metallic! And despite all that shimmers and sparkles every shade is silky buttery to the touch, and yes, that sparkling top wash too! Wow. Mind blown.

There's only one negative thing I can say about this palette: it's very warm, as you can see. This means it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if warm is what you're looking for, you must try this palette! Also, the liner shade is not dark enough for me, but this really isn't a problem given that I have a gazillion of dark brown liners that would well compliment this palette. 

Clockwise from center:
- Sparkling top wash: high shimmer metallic, medium intensity. A very complex green-tinted gold with green, gold, and copper sparkles. In the product photos above you can see some of the green. In the swatch photos below you can see the gold and the copper (in the angled shot). It's translucent but is metallic, rendering a glistening wet finish that's super sparkly but not glittery or garish. And it's quite pigmented to boot, so go easy on the application ^.^ 
- Base/highlighter: metallic, medium intensity. A golden marzipan. They call this shade a base/highlighter, but I contend it's a lid shade because it's gorgeous on its own. Besides, it's a bit too pigmented for a base/highlighter.
- Medium: metallic, high intensity. A lovely penny copper. You can wear this all over the lids but you might want to sheer it out a bit as it's super pigmented.
- Liner: semi metallic, high intensity. A nice golden bronzy brown that will work for the crease also, but again you'll have to sheer it out unless you're going for a bronzed smokey eyes. As for lining I do use a pencil first then go over it with this shade, as it's not dark enough for my upper lash line.
- Accent: metallic, high intensity. A rusty red gold, so so pretty. More like a crease shade to me as it's both darker and pigmented!

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