Friday, August 24, 2018

Victoria's Secret Gloss Balm Nourishing Lip Tint

A while ago I was browsing Victoria's Secret and stumbled upon these Gloss Balm Nourishing Lip Tint on clearance for half off, which often meant they were being discontinued. Sure enough, a month later I checked back and they disappeared from the website.

Anyway, it's been years since I bought a lippie from VS so I thought I'd pick up some to try. I have Cheeky, Fearless, Glam, Glowing, Kissed, and Smitten and skipped Irresistible (nude), Alluring (fuchsia), and Candied (bubblegum pink), colors I rarely ever reach for.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These are in twist-up, chubby pencil form only with a blunt, round tip. Considering each only has 2.2g of product, I thought the packaging could be smaller.

I'm not thrilled that they're scented. All have a sweet sugary scent, though they're not unbearable. I do like that all the colors I have are shimmer-free and translucent, if not transparent. Pigmentation level is just right for me for daily wear, but I would imagine they'd be too sheer for some folks. Texture wise, they're thin and slippery, kind of like SoftLips (I haven't seen these at the stores, do they even make them anymore?) but with some color. This also means they don't last very long and can bleed beyond lip lines if I over-apply. They do provide a glossy finish which is nice. Overall, these are ok at $6 but I think they aren't worth the $12 retail and I wouldn't have bought them at retail.

- Cheeky: warm rose.

- Fearless: advertised as "raisin" but it's more plum-brown to me, browner on the back of my hand because of the yellow tint in my skin and plummier on my lips.

- Glam: berry, one of my two favorites in this lot.

- Glowing: coral red, and yes, this is the other favorite. I'm predictable.

- Kissed: appears red in the tube but applies a bright pink. Swatched a hotter pink on the back of my hand but turns more reddish pink on my lips. It's also the most pigmented color.

- Smitten: warm, fleshy pink that's the sheerest of the bunch, so I carry it in my bag like a lip balm as it's advertised to be.

From left to right: Cheeky, Fearless, Glam, Glowing, Kissed, and Smitten.

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Excellent, thank you.

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