Thursday, October 1, 2020

Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes

Another post stuck in draft for some 8 months--Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes. I've been collecting these a few at a times since they were first released. There are 3 finishes, Frost, glowy satin, Silk, shimmery with some metallic, and Stellar, highly shimmery with some metallic. It's worth noting that those in the Stellar finish doesn't have the embossed Suqqu logo.
In this post, I have, in the Frost finish 02 甘棘 (Amaitoge), in the Silk finish 05 柔紬 (Yawatsumugi), 06 錫絹 (Suzukinu), 07 咲色香 (Sakiiroka), and 08 涼葵 (Suzuaoi), and in the Stellar finish 13 洸紫 (Koushi), 14 炎華 (Enka), and 15 溺星 (Oboreboshi).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Packaging wise, these are mini version of the Designing Color Eyes compacts, each with its own mirror(!) which I feel is unnecessary. I'd rather skip the mirror and the fancy compact to drive down the cost, but I guess Suqqu is a high end brand so they want to keep up appearances :P Either way, the mini compacts are a bit clunky and take up storage space. 
But other than the packaging, I can't really complain about Suqqu quality. The pressed powder itself is smooth and silky, with some buttery depending on the finish. The eye shadows are pigmented with minimal fall-out. Over all, I love all the colors I have, but I won't collect them all. Even if I could afford it, I won't have the storage space or the time to use them, not with this pandemic thing still going on. 

- 02 甘棘 (Amaitoge), Frost: satin, medium intensity. A maroon that reminds me of the bottom left pan of Designing Color Eyes 127 深飾 (Fukakazari), so I compared them below.

Designing Color Eyes 127 深飾 (Fukakazari) and Tone Touch Eyes 02 甘棘 (Amaitoge). The burgundy pan in 127 Fukakazari shows some purple next to 02 Amaitoge, and 02 Amaitoge is definitely redder. 

- 05 柔紬 (Yawatsumugi), Silk: shimmer, medium. A suede-gold with a brushed metal finish. Very pretty.
- 06 錫絹 (Suzukinu), Silk: shimmer, medium intensity. An antique gold, again with brushed metal finish. In the pan, the pressed powder looks as though there's some green in it, but once swatched there's no green. Likey!

- 07 咲色香 (Sakiiroka), Silk: shimmer, medium intensity. This color was sold out immediately upon release and remained out of stock for months and months and months. Once I have it in hand though, I totally see why it's popular. It's a fleshy pink-taupe with violet shimmers that reflect a violet sheen when seen at an angle. It's beautiful and I'm so happy I finally got my hands on it.

- 08 涼葵 (Suzuaoi), Silk: shimmer, high intensity. A deep blue with gold, green, and turquoise shimmers. So pretty!

- 13 洸紫 (Koushi), Stellar: metallic high shimmer, high intensity. A fiery orange copper. Love!

- 14 炎華 (Enka), Stellar: metallic high shimmer, medium intensity. A sparkling, translucent, and pale lavender with a metallic finish. Gorgeous. I think this is the only lavender I have in that super sparkly metallic finish with translucency. Love it!

- 15 溺星 (Oboreboshi), Stellar: high shimmer, low intensity. A sparkly and translucent gray with multi-color shimmers that gives it a bluish turquoise sheen when seen at an angle. Another unique color I have only one of.
Top row, left to right: 02 甘棘 (Amaitoge), 05 柔紬 (Yawatsumugi), 06 錫絹 (Suzukinu), and 07 咲色香 (Sakiiroka).
Bottom row, left to right: 08 涼葵 (Suzuaoi), 13 洸紫 (Koushi), 14 炎華 (Enka), and 15 溺星 (Oboreboshi).


Citrine said...

Wow I like oboreboshi... I have been losing makeup mojos but once a while I still see some shades that calls my name(most HK sellers take forever to ship and Amazon jp doesn't ship to us/for items I really want).

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Oboreboshi is super special! I usually stay clear of grays but I had to have this one!

How are you doing?

Take care and stay healthy,

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