Saturday, October 20, 2007

Maquillage Luminoustic(?) Rouge

Luminoustic(?) Rouge and Superior Rouge are two of Maquillage's lines of lipsticks, with Luminoustic(?) having shimmering/pearly finish and Superior satin. Before going home, I got Luminoustic(?) Rouge in OR257.

OR257 is a beautiful golden orange with hints of coral and intense gold shimmers. And unlike how it looks, it is actually very sheer and goes on a soft pearly veil of golden peach. Beautiful! Unfortunately, unlike other fans of the Maquillage Luminoustic(?) Rouge, I find its formula rather dry and waxy, not moisturizing at all! I wish it was a better lipstick and not the candle wax-stick it is because I absolutely adore the color. May be I will try a different color and see if it still feels the same? Hmph!

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