Monday, October 29, 2007

Maquillage Shiny Design Powder

The Maquillage Shiny Design Powder is a summer 2007 limited edition bronzer. I honestly couldn't help but giggle when I first heard its name :D Maquillage has a way with names, I tell you.

Anyway, the bronzer comes in a metallic pink hexagonal case with a mirror and flat brush (the picture shows only the removable pan I know), and like the Precious Design Powder, the powder itself is divided into 4 triangle-ish sections:
- Yellow-toned pale pink with white shimmers, very sheer, goes on a translucent tinge of pink
- Ivory with white shimmers, low intensity
- Beige with gold shimmers, low intensity
- Red-toned bronze with gold shimmers, low intensity, goes on with a tint of copper

First off, if you dislike shimmers, stay away!!! This bronzer is intensely shimmery, so go easy on that application :) While I've read that it's too sheer to even show up for some people, it is very pigmented on my skin and I have to be very careful or risk looking very obvious. Usually I would only use the 3 lightest shades to highlight and a light-handed swirl or two over the entire pan for the bronze effect.

This bronzer can also be used as eye shadows. I use the ivory to highlight, the pink and beige on my lid, and layer the bronze on the outer half of my eyes. Then I finish with a dark brown eyeliner for the smokey bronzey effect.

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