Friday, October 12, 2007

Other Japanese Brands

Below are other Japanese brands I've ventured into beyond the safety of Shiseido and Kanebo. Of course, the brands below aren't necesarily obscure, but hey, I start sloooow...

CURRENTLY USING (in conjunction with others)

Known for its olive oil-based skincare and makeup. Putting olive-oil on your face may sound strange, I know, but it actually works! Its core product is the Deep Cleansing Oil, which people swear by. DHC has a US branch as well if you are curious and would like to try. Just call for the free monthly catalogue, which goes out with 4 samples of the month's spotlight items.

Deep Cleansing Oil
Yep, an olive oil-based cleanser, believe it or not. With that said though, it takes everything off, makeup, very water resistant sunscreen, you name it!
Pros: cleanse thoroughly, rinse well, the texture is thick and therefore needs to be massaged in, resulting in a pleasant facial massage session every time, 1 bottle has lasted me 6 months and still going.
Cons: cleanse my dry skin a bit too well, even more drying than Shiseido SunCare Ultimate Cleansing Oil! Sigh... Also, apparently it's a bitch to travel with because the oil would leak from the pump bottle and creates a nasty mess. Oh well, will keep trying.

Washing Powder
A different concept of a facial cleanser - a white powder that foams up with added water!
Pros: cleanse well, rinse well, not soapy, affordable ($8.50) for the amount you get, not to mention a little goes a long way, very convenient to travel with.
Cons: but being a powder also makes it easy to breathe in. Yikes! And although it is supposed to be used as a second step to the Deep Cleansing Oil, I find it way too drying this way, so I only use it in the morning. Final verdict - a neat concept, but an average cleanser.

***Pictures from DHC USA.

Famous for its preservative-free, fragrance-free, and mineral oil-free skincare and cosmetic products. I like their blushes. Will post reviews later. I think I will try the Mild Cleansing Oil as well since the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is too drying for me. Very much looking forward to it, in fact! The reviews I've read said FANCL's version is much milder. Hooray!

Canmake Tokyo
By IDA Laboratories. Another drug store brand with awesome quality. It's not as good as Kate or Majolica Majorca, but it's not that far behind. And for the price ($3-5), I'm not complaining. I like its highlighters, blushes, and eye shadows. Will post reviews later.


make me beautiful said...

Ooooh I like canmake too! Cheap but such excellent quality and always does what it says on the tin! hmmm well so far anyway!x

Dalenna said...

Hi make me beautiful!

Thank you for stopping by :D

I like Canmake a lot too! The quality is much much better than the drug store stuff I get here, and the price's the same, if not cheaper. I don't even look at the drug store stuff here now after getting a taste of the drug store makeup in Japan LOL I'm glad you like Canmake too!

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