Thursday, October 18, 2007

T'estimo Color Lighting

T'estimo Color Lighting is a series of highlighters that consists of shades EX-07, EX-08, EX-09, EX-10, EX-11, and EX-12. T'estimo cheek colors are also in individual clear cases and are just twice the size of the eye shadow refills (1x2").

EX-12 was the newest shade, released in the Spring 2006 collection. After watching a tutorial video on T'estimo's website, I bought this one before I left Japan. It consists of 8 square blocks in 4 columns of colors. And although it looks matte in the picture, 3 out of the 4 columns are shimmery.

From left to right: all warm shades
- Pale canary yellow, high shimmers
- Pale feathery pink, some shimmers
- Cherub pink, very few shimmers
- Pale salmony pink, matte

How to Use (according to T'estimo's video tutorial)
Use a face brush:
- Swirl over all 4 colors a couple of times
- Sweep across forehead, closer to the brows than hairline
- Sweep down the nose ridge
- Sweep across the chin
- Swirl the brush over the powder a couple more times
- Sweep over the area underneath the eyes, above the cheek bones
- Blend to soften!

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