Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pixi Beauty Moisture Tint Gloss

Pixi is a British indie cosmetic brand run by 3 sisters. I have their Moisture Tint Gloss #3, and although their official website says it's a "fresh golden red" (and looks it in the picture), it's actually a blue-based red and this bluish tint is very obvious on my lips. So yeah, I don't love the color, but I do like the gloss. It's moisturizing, lasts for a decent time, and it has this subtle minty flavor that makes my lips tingle. Very refreshing.

Too bad Sephora doesn't carry their products anymore, because I would have gone back for other colors. I don't feel like paying outrageous shipping fees to have some lip glosses sent all the way from Britain, do you?


domo's wife said...

Hey Dalenna,

Just wondering if these glosses are more sheer or opaque? They look like they'd be sheer, but I want to make sure before I buy...

Oh, and one more thing: can you recommend a good mascara to me? The ones I use now clump like mad, and it drives me up the wall.

Dalenna said...

Hi Damu,

Yes, these Pixi glosses are translucent and most are sheer. I haven't seen an opaque one, although some colors are a bit more pigmented than others.

Hmm...I actually don't use mascaras at all. I don't really have lashes (well, I do, but they're short and stubby...LOL!), so I'd rather spend more time and money focusing on other *better* features.

That said, I have read/heard/seen my friends using a few good ones. I don't know where you're located, but in the US, a really popular drug store mascara is Maybelline Great Lash (pink tube with green applicator top). I have a friend with lashes similarly short and stubby to mine and the Maybelline mascara made hers nice and long. I was really impressed, but I guess I just don't care enough about mascaras to start using one :) If you're looking for a higher end mascara, I've been told over and over that Lancome Definicils are awesome. I just can't vouch for any of these personally because I don't just them :) Good luck!

domo's wife said...

Hey Dalenna,

Where do you live? I saw these selling at Target, so if you still want some, you can check there.

Dalenna said...

Hey Damu,

Oh okay! I'll check them out since I do live near a Target :) Thanks for telling me!!!

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