Friday, June 27, 2008

Aube Blossom Veil Powder

Aube is a Sofina brand, and this is my first makeup item from them! I never really cared for this brand actually as their stuff is so so and not really eye catching. That is, until I saw this beautiful Blossom Veil Powder that came out as a limited edition for Winter 2007.

To think of it, the mosaic design of this highlighting powder is nothing unusual. Guerlain makes one version, Physician's Formula makes another one, and I'm sure there are a ton of other similar ones out there as I have seen them before. For some reasons though, this one caught my eye. May be it's a combination of the simple compact design plus the pretty powder? It comes in a lilac compact with a mirror and rounded brush in its own plastic case.

The highlighter is a mosaic of 5 pastel colors, 4 of which has fine shimmers and 1 is completely matte: White (matte), Gold, Peach, Pink, and a bluish Lilac.

While the powder is not fragranced, it is also not as soft as I hope it would be, so a slight disappointment there. As for the highlighting aspect, I would say it it gives me more of a brightening effect rather than of a soft focus highlight. Don't get me wrong, the brightening effect is very apparent - it lights up my face, only without any visible shimmers. I find this powder works best when I'm going for the soft matte look. I also use it to control the sparkle factor when I'm using an already very shimmery blush. Oh yeah, and I found out by accident it also works well as a base for eye shadows! I just swirl my brush, shake off the excess, and blend over my entire eye area while closing my eyes.

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