Monday, June 30, 2008

T'estimo Layered Impact Eyes Part II

I love T'estimo. I don't love everything from that brand, but its blushes and eye shadows are among some of my most treasured items. I was very sad and heartbroken when Kanebo discontinued it and replaced it with a blah successor named Coffret D'Or. To make the matter worse, the introductory Coffret D'Or collection looks more like a generic Maybelline item rather than a mid-end Kanebo item with a huge marketing effort behind it. Come on!!!

All pictures taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

But I digress. Finally, after all this time I at last got around to trying more of the T'estimo Layered Impact Eyes I absolutely adore. I won't go into details again as I already described the generals with 03 Beige. The one I'm reviewing today is 05 Rose, which is more of a cooler palette with cooler pinks and purple. I have 4 out of the 5 palettes, and I love these so much I'm thinking of getting 04 Blue too just to have them all even though I can't manage cooler colors very well on my warmer skin tone.

05 Rose consists of 4 colors:
- Top right: base and highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. A pale lilac pink so smooth it feels like a cream shadow! Whenever I'm super duper lazy, this is all I wear to brighten up my eyes.
- Left bar: sparkly top wash, shimmer, very sheer. A pale lavender that's extremely sparkly and if you dislike glitter, stay very far away from these T'estimo palettes. I loooooove sparklies though, so these palettes are my babies :D
- Lower middle: medium crease shade, shimmer, medium intensity. A fleshy pink that blends in very well with my skin tone despite some violet in it.
- Lower right: liner shade, luminous satin, medium intensity. A deep blue-toned purple with even bluer purple shimmers that are super fine. I was expecting it to be pigmented like the peacock green liner shade in palette 03 Beige, but despite the pigmented appearance in the swatch, it's not. It turns out to be only medium intensity, which is nice for me since that means I have wider margin of error to get sloppy with :P

You're probably wondering how I keep up with this cool-toned palette. I'm actually very shocked myself to find this purple palette works perfectly well on my very warm skintone. I thought that lavender sparkly shade would deal me a death blow but it didn't and I actually love it looks on me - wow! Anyhoo, that's why I'm thinking of getting the blue palette now too, hoping it will adapt itself like this one. Wish me luck!

Picture taken in natural light without flash.

See my previous T'estimo Layered Impact Eyes post.


Mukho said...

Hi Dalenna, pretty palette, but that lilac shade looks brown to me!?! don't tell me I'm turning colorblind in my dotage :P
You know, I have the same problem with cool shades, namely looking dead . I always buy something in my overenthusiastic binges and end up regretting it. But again, as you experienced, purple never gives that problem. Looks good on my yellow skin :)

Dalenna said...

Hi Mukho,

yeah, sorry, the flash alters the color a bit, but it's really lilac, i promise!

i know what you mean. my skin tone is very warm so i have a really hard time with cooler colors like blues and greens. even with purples, i can't pull off just any purple, which is why i'm so surprised this purple palette works for me. i have a bunch of other purple eye shadows i haven't even touch yet. i'll keep my fingers crossed for them :D

(g)ezebel said...

those palettes are so pretty! and i'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

Dalenna said...

Hi Gezebel!

I'm a total sucker for packaging too, which is why I prefer Japanese makeup. It's just too bad that they're a pain to get a hold of... :(

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