Saturday, January 31, 2009

It Has Been a Good Month!

...Well, not so much with the economy and the lay-offs, but on a personal level, this month has been a memorable one for hubby and me for a few reasons:
- It marks the New Year :P
- It marks the Lunar New Year too, which usually falls in February.
- It marks our 7th year anniversary. We started dating 7 years ago, in the month of January :D
- Hubby passed his generals!!!
- I got my braces on. Not exactly cause for celebration, but this is a huge change to my foodie-wannabe life. Good bye crunchy goodness, hello goo...well, at least for a while...

So, what do we do to celebrate a good month but to go out and buy ourselves new toys?

Persol for hubby

Revo for me

Tadaa!!! New toy in action (prior to the braces).


Citrine said...

You remind me of a yakuza in your first a cool, edgy and completely good way though...

Oh, 7 years and going strong, congrats btw...

Dalenna said...

Hi Citrine,

LOL!!! Your comment reminds me of the pair of sunglasses I brought with me to Japan, only to be told I shouldn't wear them out because people will think I'm yakuza!!! I took the advice... Still, it was hilarious, like the yakuza has a monopoly on sunglasses or something over there LOL

Aww...shanks! Yeah, 7 long years and counting :D

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