Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stila Lip Glaze Part V

It takes me a while to think this through, but I've arrived at the conclusion that I'm going to swear off Stila Lip Glazes and It Glosses. I really adore the click pen applicator for the Lip Glazes and the soft brush applicators for the It Glosses, and I think the color selection for both products are very attractive. However, I truely wish these glosses could be better in terms of quality and texture. They both give lovely glossy finishes, but more often than not they don't feel very smooth on my lips, even the ones with no visible shimmers and apply translucent. On top of that, they are so drying and impossibly sticky! I don't mind sticky glosses at all, and I think they are impossibly sticky, take that!

With all that said though, I still have a few Lip Glazes I haven't even touched, so expect more reviews coming up :P After these, I probably won't buy any more Lip Glazes or It Glosses. Mind you, this is not meant to be a critique on Stila as a brand. I'm sure very few people actually like every product from a single brand. With the exception of the Lip Glazes and It Glosses, I think their Color Push-ups and the Convertible Colors are absolutely amazing, so you can also expect to see more reviews of these coming up.

Anyways, back to the Lip Glazes.

Grapefruit: A very pretty bubblegum pink with very slight hints of citrusy scent. It has very fine shimmers that aren't really noticable unless under direct sunlight, so it goes on a matte milky pink. I really like this lip glaze, but I do have a complaint - you would expect a lip gloss like this to feel smooth on your lips, only it's not. For some reason, it feels like there are very fine sand in the gloss and it's somehow a bit gritty. It's the same case as the Apricot flavor, and I don't understand how this happens as I've tried other much more glittery but much smoother glosses. I guess more room for improvement here also.

Nutmeg Spice: May be it's just me, but this Nutmeg Spice smells a bit like spiced chai - yum! :D Other than that though, the color was only okay. I don't dislike it, but I'm not exactly thrilled with it either. It's a mix of mauve and brick red that goes on translucent but ends up turning my lips a bit dark, probably because of the dark red undertone. Not my favorite.

Pina Colada: A pretty much clear gloss with unfortunately frosty golden shimmers. It smells more coconut-y than pina colada, but I don't really mind coconut, so this doesn't bother me. Also, this particular lip glaze is exceptionally thicker and stickier than the rest, similar to Apricot. Likewise, it is also much drier than other Stila Lip Glazes. Nope, a flop for me, sadly.

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Citrine said...

I kind of swear off the lip glazes as well, I am OK with the super sticky texture, strong sweet scent and disgusting taste...my biggest complain is the size, none of the lip glaze lasted me for more than a month (although I do not even use them everyday.)

The convertible color are awesome...just doesn't look on my lips at all.

btw, I can't smell a thing from the tsubaki oil either, which is great, I am just using it right after washing my hair, it saves me so much time since I don't have to apply conditioner,wait and rinse...

Normal I just wash and go (no conditioner) and break the tangle by force...I think if I can't find anything I need from truerenu, I will just go ahead and get another bottle of the oshima tsubaki...

Dalenna said...

Hey Citrine!

Yeah, I'm actually saving that bit of rant on Stila's pricing for an upcoming review on Stila Lip Pots. It's really ridiculous and I don't blame you for swearing the Lip Glazes off just for that.

Haha yeah I like the convertible colors best on my cheeks too :) Although I think I might try it again on my lips over lip balm. That might help with the dryness.

Oh I'm so glad the Tsubaki oil works out for you. I LOVE it :D Don't you get a coupon $5 off of orders $25+ from TrueRenu? You should get one with every order. I do, and I would go back and use it to order 2 bottles of the Tsubaki oil and get $5 off :D

Citrine said...

well, I didn't get the $5 off coupon, I got 20%off plus free shipping on anything instead...So I might just pay 10 bucks and have a bottle priority-mailed to my home...(Truerenu will so hate me for that...)

I think I might do that since I don't feel like changing my routine so my skin get messed up again...I might go for that benefiance instead of white lucent this time since Shiseido works pretty well for me in general...)

About the convertible color, it's not about the dryness actually, my lips are naturally red, so the convertible color (beside the bright ones like fuchsia and poppy) all looks 2-3 shades lighter than my natural lip color, the tint is still natural...just the same color on my when I am sick...

Dalenna said...

Great! You got a much better deal then! I usually stock up 2 bottles at a time since Eno uses the oil too :)

Oh hey I use Benefiance too, just the Creamy Cleansing Foam during the summer though because it can get really really humid where I am. In the winter, I have to use something lighter because it gets really really dry...I know, extremes...

I see. If I were you, I'd just wear clear/translucent gloss all the time. Oh wait, I already do wear them all the time LOL

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