Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss Part III

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. Sorry...been working like crazy in the past month or two. Hopefully things will calm down soon in the next several weeks. Uhh...yeah, weeks.

Anyhoo...taking a quick break to play with my toys. I miss them :(

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss is now one of my dearest love. It didn't start out that way, but it got that way pretty quickly :D I've tried several different flavors now, and generally I would conclude that the gloss IS moisturizing, thick and super smooth. As with all glosses, there are inconsistencies among different flavors, but again in general, I think these are no where as sticky as other Clinique glosses. After several flavors, I would say these Superbalms are very similar to Lancome Juicy Tubes, only with no discernible scent and definitely no taste. Most of the Superbalms are translucent with the exception of some, and even then those ones only give a hint of color.

Like Lancome Juicy Tubes, it occasionally comes in nifty travel-size sets :D Not only I get to sample different flavors without getting stuck with giant tube I don't quite like, I get the cutest little palm-size bags to put them (or other on the go makeup items) in! If a nice Clinique GWP catches my interest, the first items I will buy are most likely these Superbalm sets.

Anyhoo, I set my eyes on this "Clinique The Kissers" after seeing it online. It includes 4 travel size Superbalms in (from left to right) Apricot, Grapefruit, Raspberry, and Lilac, and a super cute little palm-sized bag to carry them in.

The bag from this set actually has 3 colors for you to choose from: yellow, orange, or pink. This freakin' adorable thing is roomier than you think - I was able to fit a small compact (think Maikohan UV Compact Powder or Estee Lauder After Hours Compact, etc.), a gloss (a travel/GWP size Lancome Juicy Tube and the like), and a few single eye shadows (think T'estimo Color Eyes, etc.). If not makeup, it would hold my phone, ID and credit cards and some cash. Oh, and it's machine washable. Talk about convenient! Now I regret not getting another 2 sets to collect all 3 color bags :(

The down side to these gloss sets is, of course, you can't choose the colors. Also, every set "recycles" some flavors in addition to introducing you to new ones, so you may end up with a few of the same flavors if you purchase different sets, even when they were released at different time. This actually doesn't bother me at all though. I like every flavor I've tried so far, so I don't really mind having a few backups :)

- Apricot: a nude peach, although it goes on pretty much translucent with only hints of color, like my lips but better. No shimmers!

- Grapefruit: a juicier pink that is, again, totally translucent without any shimmers.

- Lilac: my earlier theory of all Superbalms being shimmer-free is proven wrong with this flavor. There are shimmers in Lilac, but fortunately they are pretty much a no-show. Also, like Raspberry this Lilac flavor actually have hints of color. No worries, it didn't turn my lips violet but rather a surprisingly pretty margenta pink. I didn't know I could wear such color and not look like a clown!

- Raspberry: I've already reviewed this flavor here.

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Cacaopack said...

i have to tell you i like this new look! :) gives a "young and cheerful" feel :)

Dalenna said...

Hi Clarissa!

Shanks :D

I changed the layout partly because, well, the other one went broke...heheh for some reason it didn't work anymore or something...

I'll be posting more reviews in the next few days...

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