Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream

Hubby and I are on our second jar of this lovely SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream, so I guess it's about time I review it! I've been seeing lots of good reviews on this skincare line for a while now, plus Clarissa over at Beauty Unfolds really sang her praises for them. However, up until a few months ago I was still finishing the day time hydrator, the Clinique Moisture Surge, so as tempted as I was, I held back.

Then came January and I finally used up the big jar of Clinique Moisture Surge with hubby's help (erh...he used most of it, actually), so I was ready and was quite happy to move on. I think I'm not going to go back to the Clinique Moisture Surge again. Yes, it was wonderful and the big jar lasted months for me (and fewer months with hubby using it too), but it's also $34 for the 50 mL and $46 for the 75 mL. And to be frank, I got bored of it, so it was due time to move on anyway.

So that makes this SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream a timely newcomer. I bought mine on Ebay (where else? sigh...), and paid $17, $3 shipping included, so I'm assuming retail is probably a lot less, around $10 may be? Too bad Gmarket is so Mac un-friendly, unless they've changed their ways and became an equal opportunity vendor to all computer users worldwide. Any Mac-users having any luck?

Anyway, the jelly cream came in a 50 mL in a pretty translucent glass jar with an iridescent green tint and an aluminum twist off lid in a similar tinted color. It did not come with a box, but it was factory sealed. Clarissa told me the more recently made jars now have a list of ingredients in English printed underneath the Korean one and pealing the label at the bottom of the jar will reveal its magical content. Well, too bad my first jar was dated 20091229, so no, it didn't have an English ingredients list. Actually, even my 2nd jar, dated 20100308 (fresh stuff!) didn't have an English ingredients list, so may be only the ones Skin Food is exporting to Singapore have it. Damn!

By the way, unlike what we're used to, Korean products have the manufactured date printed on their items and NOT the expiry date. So your precious cosmetic item did not expire in 2009, it was made in 2009 and should last for at least a couple of years :) Yeah, that freaked me out a bit at first until I was able to confirm this somewhere...don't remember where, but I'm pretty sure that's the manufactured date.

Now on to the product itself. Hubby loves it, hands down. I like it too, although by itself it's not moisturizing/hydrating enough for my dry skin. For now, I am referring to it as a moisturizer/hydrator because unfortunately, I'm Korean illiterate, so without an English ingredients list I can't tell for sure which it is. Regardless, it is exceptionally light and an absolute pleasure to apply, especially if you store it in the refrigerator. It really is a water jelly cream, and it absorbs instantly leaving no traces behind whatsoever, except for the comfort, of course. It is scented, but the fragrance is crisp and clean, infused with cucumber, very pleasant. In fact, it feels so good on I totally forget that if I were to use this jelly cream by itself, it would be limited to daytime and summer use only.

In the past drier months, I have been layering it over the SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence. The Water Drop Essence is a lot more potent but is not meant for use by itself either (will also review shortly), so together it makes a good pair with the jelly cream, at least for my skin although every now and then I still get some dry flakes. Even then, when I ran out of my alcohol-free and less drying Mentholatum Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50+ PA+++ sometime in February and had to go back to Allie Comfortable Sunscreen EX Watertouch, this Water Drop Essence and Water Jelly Cream combo struggled to balance the drying alcohol in Allie and I started getting more than the occasional dry flakes, especially around the nose, mouth, and chin.

But you know what's funny? I actually like using the Water Drop Essence and Water Jelly Cream combo with Allie, because the finish turned out so much nicer than it did with Mentholatum Skin Aqua. With Mentholatum Skin Aqua, I got a dewy finish that can turn a bit shiny by the end of a long day. But with Allie, it was completely matte from start to finish no matter how long the day was! Honestly, it kept the matte-ness even better than Clinique Moisture Surge did! More than that, the Water Drop Essence and Water Jelly cream combo did the exact same thing on the days when I didn't go out and hence, skipped sunscreen, so even without the help of Allie's alcohol it still kept my skin nice and matte throughout the day!

So I'm guessing all this means that if the hot and humid summer were to come, this jelly cream will become my skin's best friend. By then, I doubt I will need to keep layering it with the Water Drop Essence, but I'll have to see first how well it can handle the alcohol in Allie on its own. Also, the SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber line still has several other super interesting items, and I do plan to give most of them a try in attempt to figure out a combo/routine that will work for my skin throughout the yearly seasonal change.

The list below is not complete, because the line has several makeup items as well such as the Watery Base, Watery Foundation, Mild Pact, Matte Finish Gel, etc. Also, these are all I'm aware of. If there are more that I've missed, please tell me :)

The SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber skincare line includes:
- Water Mist: in an aerosol spray bottle. I'm totally skipping this as I still don't get the point of products like these.
- Toner: for use after cleansing. Skipping this one too. Not a toner person.
- Massage Gel: for use after toner. I might try this one. It's sort of like an "instant" massage-in mask.
- Water Drop Essence: for use after toner and can be layered under the emulsion or the jelly cream. I'm currently using the latter combo. Will review soon.
- Water Jelly Essence: for use after toner and can also be layered under the emulsion or the jelly cream. Will definitely try this!
- Emulsion: basically a lotion, for use after toner and can be layered over the 2 essences above and under the jelly cream below. I'm most excited about trying out this one due to the various things I can experiment it with! Clarissa sent me its list of ingredients in English and I was able to verify that it is a moisturizer containing Argan and Sesame Oil. I wonder how it will deal with my sunscreens!
- Water Jelly Cream: for use after toner and can be layered over the essences as well as the emulsion. Currently using this on top of the Water Drop Essence.
- Water Essence Mask Sheet: you know, for some reason I was never into SkinFood sheet masks. I tried the Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet before, and the experience sort of left me not wanting to try any other SkinFood masks. Kinda sad, but there are so many other sheet masks much more deserving of my attention.


Reen said...

yup, i agree with u. the dates printed on their products are manufacturing dates.

D. said...

Thanks Reen! It's good to have someone else confirm this instead of just me talking :)

lysolc said...

hi, so glad i read your post. just loving the clinique moisture surge right now but i'm worried when it runs out. it was just a gift and it would be too expensive for me. so thanks much for the info! :)

D. said...

Hi lysolc,

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment! I'm glad my post helped! My trick with the Clinique Moisture Surge to keep an eye out for the GWPs that has this item. Usually, they're pretty generous in size :)

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