Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Moving...

Hubby and I are relocating to Tokyo in less than 3 weeks. I have lived in Japan in the past (about a year before I started this blog), so this is not completely new to me and I definitely won't be complaining since I will be in my cosmetic and skincare heaven.

That said, this blog has totally shifted from mainly focusing on Japanese cosmetics and skincare onto makeup and skincare in general, so hopefully this won't change. If you haven't figure it out by now, I am currently in the US of A so relocating means I won't have immediate access to some items and brands. But hey, that's what the internet is for ^.^

Anyway, while moving is technically not a horsing, but the fun toys that come with it are :P

For our up coming trip I had some things made for the gadgets we'll be toting around, and let's just say I was so lucky to have found an awesome Etsy seller who specializes in laptop/gadget covers - Bee Yourself Designs.

Jan's Etsy shop is temporarily closed until August 18, but check out her gorgeous creations after that if you are in the market for the likes. She was very friendly, excellent at what she does, and was quick to correspond to all my inquiries. All the covers I bought from her are very well-priced even though I customized some, requesting certain designs, wide flaps, etc.

Hubby and I both love love love what she made for us: they are all quilted, lined with fleece, well padded with secure velcro closure, and their craftsmanship is excellent! Care instructions were super easy - the covers are all machine wash and dry-able!

The few things Jan cautioned me about were:
1. Fabrics do shrink a bit in the wash.
- I washed all my covers and machine dried them (pretty hot too!) and didn't have any problems. In fact, all my covers arrived a bit loose to begin with, so they actually fit perfectly after the wash!
2. Do not iron directly onto the velcro as they will melt. Ironing the rest is okay but with light pressure or the batting will flatten.
- This I don't really worry about at all because, well, I've never ironed a thing in my whole life and I don't think I will start anytime soon. I don't even own an iron :P
3. The quilt will look puckered.
- Mine all turned out fine.

By the way, did I mention the covers are cute as hell? See for yourself!

- 15-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve #1: in quilted Poppy Lane fabric, though you can't really see the quilt from the picture. It has red fleece lining, wide flap with red/white stripe fabric and white velcro closure. I originally bought this for hubby, but it turned out so cute that I claimed it as mine :P

The sleeve is quite thickly padded and my MacBook feels super cozy and protected in it.

- 15-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve #2: in quilted Snow Falling fabric and black/white polka dots bottom band and flap. This particular sleeve also has a "Beeyourselfdesigns" label affixed whereas the Poppy Lane above does not. The fleece lining is pastel pink, with the flap lined by green stripey fabric and black velcro closure. This original design also came with a narrower flap but I requested a wide flap like the Poppy Lane above.

Hubby ended up with this one after I claimed his Poppy Lane above but says he doesn't mind. He spoils me so much ^.^

- iPad Sleeve: in quilted Asian fabric with turquoise/green/white polka dots bottom and top bands. You can sort of see the quilting on this picture. The lining is not fleece but quilted fabric in the same polka dot design as the outside bands, only the polka dots are on white background instead of green. I also requested the wide flap for this sleeve, and it comes with white velcro closure.

Even though the lining is not fleece, it is still very thick and feels very well-padded.

Hubby is absolutely pleased with this sleeve for 2 reasons:
1. The iPad is his toy
2. The Japanese calligraphy on the fabric is from a travel diary and he actually has fun reading it :)

- Digital Camera Cover: in quilted Sweet Tooth fabric, which suits me perfectly since I have a major, major sweet tooth! The digital camera comes with a clasp on a pastel pink ribbon, so I keep it clipped to the inside of my handbag and have my camera ready with me everywhere I go. Very convenient, no? I also requested that Jan double up the clasp ribbon because it will probably be traveling outside of my bag often as well.

The flap and inside lining are of pink polka dots fabrics (yes I have a thing for polka dots) with pastel pink velcro closure.

I requested 2 inside pockets as storage for extra memory cards.

View on the back of the cover. Adorable, no? By the way, these pictures are taken with my new digital camera and, as you can see, I'm haven't quite figure it out yet and my pictures all come out with inconsistent lighting.


Citrine said...

Awww...that would be so cool! Have fun moving!

D. said...

Thanks Citrine! Hopefully once things settle down a bit I'll have more to post :)

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