Monday, October 4, 2010

Day trip to Zushi

Mum-in-law had a college roommate, Mrs. H., who lives in Zushi, a touristy but nonetheless lovely beach resort town. Since we are only a 30-minute train ride away, Mrs. H. invited us to come visit so hubby and I went on a short day trip to see her family.

Mrs. H., her family, and hubby.

It was supposed to cloudy and perhaps some rain, but thank goodness it didn't. The sun even came out for a few hours and roasted us all at the beach.

We watched a big group of people (a school, may be?) windsurfing.

Tons of people windsurfing!

To the right of the beach is Hiroyama, a small mountain where Hiroyama Park is located.

A view to the left of the beach.

The panoramic view (left side) of the Sagami Bay from Hiroyama Park.

Interestingly, Hiroyama Park has a mini-zoo which kept some peacocks.


Guinea pigs.

...And monkeys.

At least little H.-chan is enjoying watching the monkeys ^.^

One thing that really creeps me out at the park is these spiders. They're huge, and there were tons and tons of them hanging leisurely on their big web in every bush! They may not as big as the Japanese Huntsmans, but they're still a pretty ugly sight. Yuck! They give my goosebumps.

More of Sagami Bay (right side), with the taller buildings being a beach resort and Enoshima (Eno Island) is further away on the horizon.

My outfit for the trip.

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