Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tarte Double-ended Lip Gloss

This mini Tarte Double-ended Lip Gloss came from the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lips set.

The Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lips set include minis of Benefit Posietint, Smashbox, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket, Laura Mercier, Buxom, and a full size Korres Mango Butter Lipstick.

I really love mini-sized cosmetics, so I couldn't resist getting this to try out a few new brands.

This mini Tarte Double-ended Lip Gloss has the colors Danny and Sandy. I actually really like the texture of the gloss. It's very smooth, not too thick but not thin either. It has this faint coconutty scent that's yummy but not too strong, and it doesn't have any taste, which is a plus for me. The gloss has decent staying power, though I can't say the same for its pigmentation, which didn't last very long. That said, I prefer sheerer glosses, so the color fading is not that big a deal to me. I probably wouldn't pay retail for the full size though, as the mini ones are much cuter :)

- Danny: a translucent blue-based cherry red with no shimmers. It does give me a pop of color upon application, but the color fades after an hour or so.

- Sandy: a sheer hot pink with purple iridescent shimmers. It is a sheer color, and although the iridescent shows just a tad, it fades too after a while, which is really too bad because the color's really pretty! :(

Danny (left) and Sandy (right), picture taken in natural light without flash.


Melanie M said...

I love your blog!! I have been wondering for awhile though, how do you store all your makeup?? It seems like you must have tons and tons and I am wondering how you make sure you are able to see what you have so you don't forget about stuff.

D. said...

Hi Melanie,

Thank you for reading my blog!

I store all my makeup in makeup bags/cases according to category, like all the powder blushes, cream blushes, powder base (I don't use cream or liquid base), powder eye shadow palettes, powder eye shadow singles, lip glosses, lipsticks, etc.

It's a twisted hobby of mine to go through all my makeup every week (sometimes every few days) and pick out new stuff to use. every few months I get rid of old stuff that I don't reach for or don't like.

How do you store your makeup and keep track of them? :)

Melanie M said...

I bought a bunch of those clear 3 drawer Sterelite stackable things that are made for organizing. I separate them by type of product, and also by brand in some cases. Because they are clear I can pretty much see what's what, and the drawers themselves aren't too deep so stuff doesn't get burried! I am kinda a freak when it comes to organizing :) I was also wondering, do you use any American drug store brands at all?

D. said...

Oh yes those clear stackable drawers are wonderful I have them at home too! Too bad my apartment right now is probably the size of your living room ^.^ so my makeup are back into their bags/cases.

I do use a few American drug store brands like NYX, Physician's Formula, Maybelline, Almay, and Revlon. Just that I haven't used them enough to review them, that's all ^.^ Which US drug store brands do you use?

Melanie M said...

Well to be honest, I would say about 65-70% of what I use is drugstore brands! I have just recently gotten into some higher end brands. I like drugstore eyeshadow, because in my opinion, it's all the same anyway :) But I am much more cautious about what I put on my face. I have been using bare essential products (foundation, concealer, blush) since high school. I also have a lot of their eyeshadows, but I don't necessarily use them everyday. I just discovered nyx eyeshadows about a month ago, and I am liking them ok. Do you like MAC?

D. said...

I'm not really into higher end brands. I do own a few items, but most of my makeup are Japanese drug store to mid end brands too because there isn't that big a difference in quality in comparison to the huge disparity in price ^.^ So really, in my opinion the higher end makeup cost more for their brand names and packaging.

I have heard of MAC's quality but currently don't own any MAC items. Any recommendations?

Melanie M said...

I would recommend MAC paint pots. They are the only thing I have ever found that doesn't crease on my super oily eyelids! And they last all day! They have tons of colors, from subtle to bright. I have a few other MAC products that are just *ok* but the paint pots, in my opinion, are amazing!

D. said...

I'll have to take a look at those MAC paint pots then ^.^ Thanks Melanie!!!

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