Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Canmake Cheek & Highlight Part II

I was really indecisive one day and couldn't make up my mind which of the Canmake Cheek & Highlight to use next, so I brought all the 5 colors I haven't tried with me :) I think I've gotten into the habit of just picking a color that suits my mood at the time.

I love these Cheek & Highlights, even more so than the Cheek Gradations! In comparison to the Cheek Gradations, these Cheek & Highlights have similar texture, not super duper soft but still decent, though they are a tad dustier. They lose to the Gradations in the fact that while their colors are buildable, in the end they are sheerer. What they have over the Gradations, however, are their accompanying highlighters, which work impressively well for a blush-highlighter duo that costs a mere $8!

These highlighters are just simply awesome. A few quick sweeps across the forehead, down the nose ridge, on the chin, and around the under eye area and my face literally lit up with this soft focus, ethereal glow! They are more for daytime use as they don't have enough "wattage" to shine during the night. That said, I would recommend applying them with a light hand. Using too much and not blending well will result in an overly made up look.

- #01 Tea Rose: this is my second favorite color combination. The rosy blush comes off very subtle, just enough to give me some blush although too bad it's not a bright enough pink to give me that "perk up" look. I wear pick this combination whenever I'm lazy and just want to some color on my face. I know this sounds like I'm dissing this blush but I have to admit I'm more often lazy than not so this blush had come in handy more times than I can count.

The highlighter is a pale fleshy pink.

- #02 Peach Cream: this is a pretty orangey peach blush but unfortunately it's super sheer, so sheer it doesn't really show up on me. It brightens my face and that's pretty much it. Shame.

The highlighter is a very pale peach color. But of course, since it's a highlighter it doesn't really show up any differently than those in the other combos, with exception to the highlighter in #6 Strawberry Milk below.

- #06 Strawberry Milk: holy cow this is probably the most pigmented Cheek & Highlight combination! I remember putting it on for the first time like I would any other blush and then I looked in the mirror and -WOH- and proceeded to grab a tissue to wipe some off. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. This blush is a bright yellow-based strawberry pink and it will show up that way so proceed with caution.

This highlighter is the only highlighter in all 5 of my Cheek & Highlight combinations that actually gave me some color! So really, this "highlighter" is in fact a very pale blush and I don't use it as a highlighter at all. I actually use it to lighten up the blush, blending these 2 together with my brush.

- #07 Apricot Cooler: this is the 2nd most pigmented out of the 5 combinations, next to #6 Strawberry Milk. Although the name apricot makes me think of a more orangey blush, it's more of a pinky coral to me.

Thank goodness this airy pink highlighter has no color in it.

- #08 Rose Macaroon: this is my favorite color combination out of the bunch. It's so easy to use and although the bright bubblegum pink blush is sheer, it gives me just enough color to "perk up" my face, which is my favorite look since I tend to look tired and sleepy. I have to say I reach for this one most often, then #1 Tea Rose (I told you I'm lazy!).

The highlighter is a chalky white color, but it definitely does not show up chalky! I really love this combo!

There is a new combination #9 Love Pink (been out for a while now, actually) and I will definitely grab it the next time I'm at the drug store ^.^

See my previous Canmake Cheek & Highlight post.


Dee (BabyJapRN) said...

hi! :) im sharing your photos and will link your blog on my post about canmake.. :)

great blog! :) more power! :)

D. said...

Hi BabyJap,RN

Sure, I don't mind sharing ^.^ Thanks for linking to my blog and letting me know.


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