Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lazy dinner

My local Coop supermarket has these excellent store brand frozen fried rice so I bought a few bags for days I'm too lazy to cook, like today :P

There are 3 flavors: chicken, pork, and shrimp. I have tried all 3 and I must say they are all equally tasty, not to mention quite convenient as it takes a whole 10 minutes to warm up in a pan :) If I want to dress it up a little, I would dice up a small onion and throw it in first to stir fry, then I crack in an egg and scramble it up. Then in the frozen fried rice. Yum...

This picture shows a mix of chicken and shrimp fried rice. I mixed 2 bags together to make a giant portion so that I have enough to pack a bento for hubby ^.^

The soup I made myself. It is actually a "Japanized" egg drop soup with wakame and enoki, basically Japanese ingredients you don't normally see in the egg drop soups served in the states. I copied this soup from an instant egg drop soup bought also from Coop. It was a very different egg drop soup than what I'm used to, but nonetheless it was good, which was why I copied it :P

Oh, and I prefer Korean nori. Love the sesame oil and salt combination. Sooooo satisfying with rice and furikake.

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