Saturday, January 29, 2011

T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes

This T'estimo Frame Impact Eyes #03 - Purple is another one of T'estimo palettes I'd forgotten about. It came out in Spring 2007 and I bought it around the winter time of the same year and didn't touch it since. I have been using the palette along with the T'estimo Grande Shine Eyes #01 - Pink Brown starting last October, the Pink Brown palette for work and this Purple palette for when I go out.

The compact is pretty much identical to the Grande Shine Eyes. Actually, the Frame Impact Eyes came out first so I should say Grande Shine Eyes' compacts are identical to these. Even the 2 applicators included are identical. Similar to the Grande Shine Eyes, the Frame Impact Eyes has 3 powder eye shadows and a cream liner, which was the reason I shelved it to begin with.

Fortunately for me, this #03 - Purple palette is perfectly usable as well. The texture is definitely different with that of Grande Shine Eyes. The base color is nowhere as soft and is much grittier, having much more shimmers. Some would probably consider it too frosty, though thankfully it's not too frosty for me and I love it xD The lavender color, on the other hand, is a lot smoother, same with the darker bluish purple. The cream liner in this palette still works perfectly well too.

The color line up for Frame Impact Eyes #03 - Purple, from left to right:
- Purplish white: metallic, low intensity. It's a base color and highlighter that's white with very slight hint of purple, like a very very very pale lavender. It is very shimmery, almost frosty.
- Lavender: metallic, medium intensity. This color is actually more pigmented than it looks and will actually show up a pretty lavender color on my eyes. Most pale lavenders would just look whitish, but definitely not this one. I use this color all over the lids too.
- Deep periwinkle: shimmer, high intensity. This color looks purple in the pan, but it swatches a much cooler and deeper periwinkle. It's very pretty and is dark enough for use as a liner. I don't use this color on my lids at all precisely because it's too dark.
- Dark bluish purple cream liner: I actually wore this liner several times on dinner dates with hubby because despite how deeply pigmented it swatched, it goes on much lighter and turns out similar to the periwinkle color.

I really am so glad I "re-discovered" these forgotten palettes just in time as I've truly enjoyed wearing these colors in the past few month! I'll be moving again in 2 weeks, just upstairs to the 2nd floor of the same building, but after the move I will go on to the other forgotten T'estimo palettes. Yeah, I still have a few brand new unused ones I better get to before I forget about them again!

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