Saturday, January 15, 2011

Non-no June 2010

I bought this Non-no June 2010 issue a couple of months ago but didn't have time to post it until now.

Actually, I was really surprised that Amazon Japan still had it in stock when I bought it back in November, a good half a year after it came out! I guess that means this particular issue wasn't too popular? But the freebie pouch has a Kello Kitty strawberry print!

Oh yeah, in addition to the Hello Kitty pouch, the other freebie was a sample of a...feminine hygiene product, which I thought was freakin' hilarious!

Can you imagine a day when, say, Bazaar or W., or, heaven forbids, Vogue, comes with a sample packet of, umm..., tampon? I'm not sure if even putting Gisele on those covers will salvage the magazines. Perhaps that was why this particular issue of Non-no didn't sell too well, half a year later, even with the help of Hello Kitty?

Anyway, back to the Hello Kitty pouch. It is PVC-laminated polyester fabric with red PVC pipings around the edges and red zipper. And the print is Hello Kittie and strawberry, super cute!

It measures 11(height) x 16(length) x 4(width) cm, so it's not a big pouch. As you can see from the picture, it's just a tad larger than my hand, but since I don't like carrying much in my bag, it's a perfectly sized makeup case for me ^.^

There's even a tiny Hello Kitty charm attached to the zipper!

The interior of the pouch has no pockets, but it is lined with white polyester and all the inner seams are covered.

But unfortunately it also has some imperfection, the most obvious of which is the bottom seam of the red PVC piping.

Yeah, just a little messed up there :P

And there's another thread snagging at the upper left corner of the zipper opening, though this one is much less visible. Either way, these imperfections didn't stop me from making use of my new makeup case ^.^

Inside the magazine, the's a page featuring black and white gingham prints, which I LOVE! Those shorts and the handbag at the lower left corner are adorable, no?

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